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How to get Scutes in Minecraft?

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Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox action-survival games out there at the moment. The game emphasises mining elements and then crafting the tools you need from them. However, just digging into the ground isn’t the only way to get elements. 

Several items can’t be dug up or crafted. Instead, they’re dropped by certain mobs, and that’s the only way you can get them. In this article, we’re talking about how to get scutes in Minecraft.

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Scutes in Minecraft

In Minecraft, scutes are items dropped by baby turtles when they grow up to be their full size. As mentioned before, scutes can’t be crafted or mined. The best way to obtain them is to feed seagrass to baby turtles to make them grow up faster. 

How to get Scutes in Minecraft?
A baby turtle being fed seagrass.

Scutes can be used to create turtle shells and potions of the turtle master. They also repair items for turtle shell items. 

Getting scutes in Minecraft

To get scutes, you first have to find baby turtles. They usually spawn in beach biomes in groups of up to five turtles. Roughly 10% of all spawns are baby turtles.

Once you’ve found a group of turtles with a few babies in it, look around any nearby water bodies to find seagrass. After this, all you have to do is feed the baby turtle seagrass to accelerate its growth. You’ll see green stars appear on the turtle as you feed it, indicating that it’s growing faster.

How to get Scutes in Minecraft?
A turtle and the scute it dropped.

Once the turtle grows into an adult, it’ll drop a scute. You can now pick it up and store it in your inventory. You can stack up to 64 scutes in one empty inventory slot. 

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