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How to get water out of the charging port?

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What to do if your phone drops in water? Here are 4 ways to dry it

Phones accidentally falling into water is a rather common thing. It can happen anywhere from the bathroom, swimming pool, kitchen, or on a beach, leaving water in your charging port.

The presence of water in your charging port can damage your phone a lot as it can directly get in the way of your phone being charged and powered. Not to mention, it’s a direct inlet for the water to your phone’s internal components.

Let’s dive in to see how you can get water out of the charging port.

Leave your phone out to dry

Leave your phone in a dry environment like a cupboard for few hours so that it can dry. You can also keep your phone in front of a fan so that your phone will get a sufficient amount of air to dry.

What to do if your phone drops in water? Here are 4 ways to dry it

You can leave your phone near a window or outside in the sun for a few hours so that your phone gets sufficient air and warmth and dries up faster. However, keep in mind that while keeping in the outside or near the window, it should not get near water again (if the weather is rainy).

Do not keep your phone in front of a heater or a bulb to dry, as excessive heat from these appliances can damage your phone.

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Use Rice

Yes, you read that right. Use rice!

Placing your phone in a jar of rice overnight will remove any moisture present inside your charging port. However, make sure that any rice particles are not inside the charging port; otherwise, they might cause damage to your phone.

Use a vacuum hose

You can use a vacuum hose to get rid of the water from your charging port. The vacuum hose will suck the water from your port, thus, leaving your port dry and water-free.

Turn your phone off

Turn off your phone as soon as you become aware of the presence of water. Water can cause a great amount of damage to your phone as it is a good conductor of electricity. And, with your phone turned on and electricity flowing in from the battery, water can damage your phone terribly.

What to do if your phone drops in water? Here are 4 ways to dry it

Don’t charge your phone

Wait for some time for your phone to dry up completely before plugging it into the charger. Charging your phone when moisture is present in your port can be extremely dangerous. Hence, do not charge your phone for few hours until you are sure it is completely dry and is working fine.

Do not blow out the water

Blowing out the air inside your phone may result in pushing the water inside your phone. Once gone more in, the water will take more time to dry, and obviously, you don’t want this. Therefore, avoid blowing out the air inside your charging port.

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