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How to make the keyboard bigger on iPad?

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The default position of the virtual keyboard on an iPad is at the bottom of the screen. It takes up the entire length of the screen and approximately a quarter of the height.

If you notice that the keyboard on your iPad is smaller than usual or is split in the middle and you want to increase it to the default size, you can use touch gestures or the keyboard icon. This article provides a step-by-step on how to do so.

How to make the keyboard bigger on the iPad when it is already in its default size? We have explored how to achieve this in the next few sections.

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Changing the keyboard size to default

The steps to access a particular feature might differ depending on the type and model of your iPad, and some of the features may be unavailable on certain older models of the iPad.

Floating keyboard enabled

Introduced in the iOS 13 software update, the floating keyboard feature allows users to detach the keyboard from its docked position at the bottom and move it around the screen. If your device is incompatible with software versions 13 and above, you will not have access to this feature.

To switch the floating keyboard back to default:

  • Place two fingers on the floating keyboard, moving them apart like the zooming-out gesture.
  • Once you see the outline or silhouette of the default keyboard, let go, and you should have the bigger keyboard back.
  • If you want to switch back to the floating keyboard, place two fingers on it and bring them together, like when you zoom in or pinch.

To disable the floating keyboard, go to Settings > General > Keyboard. Toggle Slide on Floating Keyboard to Type to Off.

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Split keyboard enabled

You can split your keyboard into two parts on some iPad models (iPad 5th to 9th Gen, iPad mini 5th Gen onward, iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad Pro 9.7 inch and iPad Pro 10.5 inch). To bring it back to its default size and position:

  • Tap and hold the keyboard icon at the virtual keyboard’s bottom right corner.
  • Once the options to Merge or Dock and Merge appear, slide your finger to either one and then let go.
Change keyboard from split view to default view.
  • To switch back to the split view, follow the steps mentioned above and tap the Split option.
Change keyboard to split view.

To disable the split keyboard, go to Settings > General > Keyboard. Toggle Split Keyboard to Off.

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Making the keyboard bigger

If your keyboard size is set to default and you want to make it bigger, you can increase it using the zoom window feature.

Use zoom window to make the keyboard bigger

The Zoom setting can increase the size of your entire screen or show you a zoomed-in view of a specific screen area in a movable window. To enable Zoom:

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility.
  • Tap Zoom in the Accessibility tab.
Tap the Zoom option.
  • In the Zoom tab, toggle the button next to Zoom to switch it on.
Toggle Zoom to On. Note that the screenshot does not capture the zoomed view.
  • Toggle Show Controller to On for ease of navigation.
  • Tap Zoom Window and select Window Zoom. This will enable you to focus the zoom only on a certain area of the screen, e.g., the keyboard.

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