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How to make a lever in Minecraft?

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How to make a lever in Minecraft?

Minecraft puts a lot of importance on basic mining and crafting tools and weapons you need to survive in the world. However, as you progress further and your hideouts keep getting bigger, you might want more control over things such as doors and lights.

That’s where levers become relevant. They have a relatively simple crafting recipe and can be used to keep something in a toggled state for as long as you’d like. In this article, we’re taking a look at how to craft a lever in Minecraft.

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Levers in Minecraft

As mentioned above, using levers is a great way of keeping a constant on/off state for doors and lights. Levers can’t be used by mobs or villagers, meaning once you’ve toggled something off, only you or another player on the server will be able to revert that state.

This is great to protect villagers or keep mobs out. By default, levers will power any adjacent block and be in the ‘off’ state when placed. Toggling the lever ‘on’ sends a Redstone pulse until the player reverts the state again. You can use Redstone dust to create wiring up to 15 blocks away. 

If you want two levers controlling a single object independently, you’re going to have to make an XOR gate.

Crafting levers in Minecraft

Crafting levers is relatively easy. Here’s what you need:

  • Sticks: Can be made by wood planks, obtained by chopping trees.
  • Cobblestone: Can be extracted by mining stone. 

Once you have both the items, you can place the stick on top of the cobblestone in either your personal crafting grid or the crafting table to get a lever.

In personal crafting grid:

How to make a lever in Minecraft?

In crafting table grid:

How to make a lever in Minecraft?

Once the lever is ready, move it to the inventory, you can use it as intended. Keep in mind that levers have a stack size of 64, meaning you can store up to 64 levers in one inventory slot.

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