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How to make a Pressure Plate in Minecraft?

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How to craft a shovel in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a lot of things users can craft and use in several creative ways. The game also has several control objects like toggle switches, buttons and levers to help the user take their bases to the next level.

In this article, we’re talking about how to make a pressure plate in Minecraft.

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Pressure plates in Minecraft

Minecraft pressure plates are exactly what they sound like; they’re toggle switches that get activated as soon as either the player or any mob stands on them. You can create pressure plates out of either wood, stone, iron or gold. The material you use to create the pressure plate will determine how activated. 

  • Wooden pressure plates: can detect any entity standing on them. The output signal strenght is 15.
  • Stone pressure plates: can detect only the player and surrounding mobs. The output signal strenght is 15 as well. 
  • Light weighted pressure plates: can detect all entities, but the output signal strenght increases as the entities on the plate increase.
  • Heavy weighted pressure plates: work the same way as light weighted pressure plates, but detect entities in groups of 10. 

Crafting a pressure plate

Crafting a pressure plate is rather easy. All you need is two planks of wood, two blocks of stone or polished Blackstone or two gold or iron ingots, depending upon what kind of pressure plate you want to craft. 

Once you have the required items, place them next to each other in either your crafting grid or in the crafting table, and you’ll have your pressure plate ready. Since creating pressure plates doesn’t require a 3 x 3 crafting grid, you can make them anywhere you want.

In your personal crafting grid:

On the crafting table:

Once the pressure plate is made, you can transfer it to your inventory and use it as required. 

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