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How to order food on the train from Zomato?

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Travelling by train remains a popular mode of transportation. Whether it’s a long-distance journey or a short commute, hunger often strikes, leaving passengers craving a satisfying meal. Thanks to technology, ordering food while on the train has become easier than ever, with platforms like Zomato offering a convenient solution.

This article discusses how to order food on the train from Zomato and Zomato train food ordering guidelines.

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Ordering food on the train from Zomato

Zomato has partnered with the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to offer pre-ordered meals on select trains. This service requires a valid PNR (Passenger Name Record) number.

You can use the Zomato app to browse menus, choose your food, and schedule delivery to your station before your trip begins. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Zomato app and tap on the search bar at the top.
  • Type Train or Order food on train and tap on the first option.
  • Enter your 10-digit PNR number, check mark that you agree with train delivery terms and conditions and tap on the Continue button.
  • Choose your food and complete the payment through Zomato.

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Zomato train food ordering guidelines

Here are the guidelines Zomato has given for ordering food on the train:

  • Eligibility and ticket verification: The Zomato train food ordering and delivery services are exclusively available to individuals who are bonafide rail passengers holding valid railway tickets with PNRs.
  • Order placement: Customers must provide a valid PNR number through the Zomato platform to place an order. Zomato is not liable for any incomplete or failed deliveries if the customer’s PNR number is found to be incorrect.
  • Delivery procedure: Zomato shall reasonably deliver orders to the customer’s designated seat or berth on the train.
  • Order timing: Orders may be placed up to 65 minutes before the scheduled arrival of the customer’s train at the selected railway station.
  • Leaving the train responsibility clause: If a customer leaves the train at any station before the chosen station on the train route, Zomato will not be accountable for delivering the order to another station or on a different train.
  • No-show policy: Customers must be present at the seat or berth as confirmed by their PNR when the train is stationed at the selected railway station. Failure to be present at the specified seat or berth will result in a No-Show, and Zomato will not be liable for non-delivery. Under such circumstances, refunds will not be permissible.
  • Cancellation policy: Orders cannot be cancelled within 2 hours of the train’s scheduled arrival time at the selected station. Complete refunds are only permissible for orders cancelled before this timeframe.
  • Cancellation due to Train/PNR cancellation: If the train or PNR for which the order is placed is cancelled, the customer’s order will be automatically cancelled, and Zomato will not be subject to issuing any refund for such cancellations of orders.
  • Delayed train arrival: If the train’s scheduled arrival is delayed and it reaches the station beyond the expected arrival time, Zomato will make necessary efforts to deliver the order. However, the delivery of the order is not guaranteed.
  • Gold on-time guarantee: If applicable, the Gold on-time guarantee will not be in effect if the train is delayed from its scheduled arrival time. Zomato will not provide refunds in case of train delays.
  • Convenience fees: Zomato will charge the customer station convenience fees (exclusive of taxes) to facilitate deliveries to the train’s seat or berth.
  • Accuracy of information: When placing an order, customers must provide accurate and complete details, including the PNR number. Customers express their acceptance of Zomato’s terms and privacy policies by providing these details.

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