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How to print from a Macbook?

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If you have a Macbook, you may wonder how to print your documents, photos, web pages and other files.

Printing from a Macbook is an easy and convenient process. All you need is a compatible printer and a stable WiFi connection.

In this article, we’ll explore more on how to print from a Macbook.

How to print from Macbook using AirPrint and non-AirPrint printers?

AirPrint is a technology by Apple that helps you print documents without installing or downloading drivers.

Many top-notch printers in the market use the AirPrint technology. If you have an AirPrint-enabled printer, you can wirelessly connect your Apple device like Macbook, iPad, or iPhone to print.

The steps are the same for both, that is, if you want to print from an AirPrint printer or a non-AirPrint printer. Before that, ensure the printer is on and connected to the same WiFi as your Macbook.

Step 1: Now, open the document that you want to print and press Command + P to open the print page. Alternatively, you can head to File > Print.

Step 2: Select your AirPrint-enabled printer from the menu.

Step 3: Select your Presets, if any. These are the by-default settings that you make.

Step 4: Do not forget to set the number of copies that you want. Also, set the colour, paper size, orientation and scaling.

Step 5: Finally, click on Print.

Note: If you want to print a double-sided document, head to the Double-Sided pop-up menu and then select Choose On.

Note: If you want a binding-friendly printout, select On(Short Edge).

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How to troubleshoot printing problems on a Macbook?

If you encounter any problems while printing from your Macbook, follow the tips given below:

  • Ensure that you have the latest version of macOS installed on your Macbook. Head to Apple menu > System Preferences > Software update.
  • Ensure your printer is turned on and connected to the same WiFi as your Macbook. Also, check for physical problems such as paper jams or whether your printer has ink.
  • If you encounter any problems, it is best that you promptly restart your Macbook and try to print again.
  • For non-AirPrint printers, make sure to install the latest software from the authorised website.

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