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How to restart your Chromebook with the keyboard?

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Chromebooks are known for their simplicity and efficiency, and one of the convenient features they offer is the ability to perform various tasks using keyboard shortcuts. Find yourself in a situation where you need to restart your Chromebook but prefer not to use the touchpad or mouse. You will be happy to know that restarting your Chromebook using keyboard shortcuts is straightforward.

If you want to know how to restart a Chromebook with the keyboard, this guide discusses the steps to restart a Chromebook with the keyboard.

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Ways to restart a Chromebook

Restarting the Chromebook solves most of the issues caused on any device. Restarting your device is sometimes required after you install a new software program, update the operating system or reset drivers or hardware devices. There are a few ways to restart a Chromebook using just the keyboard, and they are mentioned below:

Use Power button

The easiest and simplest way to restart your Chromebook using just the keyboard is to press and hold the Power button for about three seconds; it will shut down your Chromebook; now, press the Power button again to switch your Chromebook on again.

Remember that the place of the Power button is different in different models of different manufacturers.

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Use the Refresh and Power button (Hard reset)

Restarting your Chromebook using the keyboard is as simple and easy as the first. Press and hold the Refresh button; press and hold the Power button while pressing the Refresh button. Release the Refresh button once your Chromebook restarts.

This method is used to reset the Chromebook hard and helps resolve several errors and issues with your Chromebook.

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