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How to rotate, flip and transpose a video in VLC media player?

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The VLC media player is an open-source media player and is available across all platforms. Alongwith media viewing, you can use the software to edit the videos as well as perform other interesting actions. In this article, we will explain a few such options.

VLC has lots of interesting options where you can enhance the quality and alignment of the video. With one such option, you can rotate the video on VLC

To rotate the video, follow the steps given below.

  • Open the video in VLC player.
  • Click on Tools tab located on the top and a drop-down menu will open up.
  • In the drop-down menu, click on the very first option — Effects and Filters.

  • After that, click on Video Effects > Geometry.
  • In the Geometry subheading, you will see a variety of subheadings. However, we will discuss two of them — Transform and Rotate.

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When you will tick mark the Rotate subheading you will see a wheel. You will have to rotate the wheel — either by using a mouse or by using the left-right arrow keys.

The video will rotate by the corresponding angle on the wheel.

Flip and Transpose

Here, if you tick mark this option, you will see seven options, which are as follows.

Note: The screenshot above is of the original position of the video. You can compare the effects of the options that we are about to explain by comparing them with the original.

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  • Rotate by 90 degrees: When you want to rotate your video by 90 degrees, you can choose this option. It is a direct way to rotate a video.

  • Rotate by 180 degrees: As the name suggests, you can turn the video upside down by using this option.

  • Rotate by 270 degrees: This option will turn the video by 270 degrees.

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  • Flip Horizontally: The whole orientation of the video will flip as you can see from the screenshot above.

  • Flip Vertically: It is the combination of 180-degree rotation and horizontal flipping. Look at the screenshot above to understand the changes.

  • Transpose: Transpose option will reverse the image as you can see from the screenshot above.

  • Anti Transpose: Look at the screenshot above to see the changes in the video.

Hope this tutorial helped! We will bring more such tutorials in the coming weeks.

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