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How to save videos from iFunny?

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iFunny is sort of a social media platform that revolves around sharing and uploading memes. It doesn’t even require an account to access. However if you’re looking to share, comment and like the memes there, you’re going to need one.

At times you might stumble across a meme that’s so good you want it saved on your phone. Now while there’s no download option per se in the iFunny app, there’s a workaround that’ll let you save memes and videos on the platform your camera roll.

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Downloading iFunny videos

You can download videos from iFunny using Instagram. Yes you read that right. Most active users on the platform already know this and use this workaround to the fullest, but for those who don’t here’s how.

How to save videos from iFunny?
  • Tap and hold on a video you like. A share menu will show up, tap on Instagram.
  • The Instagram camera will now open with your video inside. You can either edit the video here by adding stickers, text or filters or simply save it to your camera roll by tapping the save button at the top. 

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How to download videos using iFunny videos downloader?

If you don’t want to use the aforementioned method, you can still download videos from iFunny using a video downloader that works with URLs.

How to save videos from iFunny?
  • First up, we’re going to copy our video’s URL. All you need to do is tap and hold on a video you like and then tap Copy Link.
  • Next, switch to your video downloader, paste the link there and tap the download button. 

Top 3 iFunny video downloaders

Here are three video downloaders that you can use to download videos from iFunny or any other platform for that matter.

Video Downloader (Android)

Developer: InShot Inc. | Size: 9.7 MB | Price: Free (in-app purchases to remove ads)

How to save videos from iFunny?

This is a great multipurpose video downloader for Android. It can grab videos from Vimeo, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and of course, iFunny as well. The downloading process is also pretty easy. Just copy the link of the video and paste it into the app and press the download button. You’re good to do.

You can download Video Downloader here

Video Downloader Free (Android)

Developer: Video Downloader, Saver & Player Studio | Size: 15 MB | Price: Free (in-app purchases to remove ads)

How to save videos from iFunny?

Another great free video downloader, this works pretty much exactly like the first entry on the list, except with a better UI and lesser ads. The in-app purchases to remove ads are also comparatively cheaper. 

You can download Video Downloader free here

Any Downloader: Easy Download (iOS)

Developer: Anil Agca | Size: 39.9 MB | Price: Free (in-app purchases to remove ads)

How to save videos from iFunny?

Much like the other two apps on this list, Any Downloader will download videos from the links you paste within the app. However, this app takes it a bit further by allowing you to download just about anything from PDF documents to videos. 

You can download Any Downloader: Easy Download here

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