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How to unlock a Motorola phone password without a factory reset?

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A phone has become a cherished and valuable object, such that chaos ensues if one seems to forget their own screen lock password, be it a code or a pattern. If you are facing a similar problem and are unable to log in to your device, you might be wondering if there was either a good hacker or a miracle around the corner. In your Motorola phone, you will have a standard lock screen consisting of a swipe, pattern, password, or pin, among other locks that you might be trying to circumvent.

Hence, in this article, we will try to figure out how to unlock a Motorola phone password without performing a factory reset which would result in the loss of all of your data.

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Ways to unlock a Moto phone

If you are looking to unlock your phone without removing all of your data including photos, contacts, and videos, among other files, then you should be in touch with your Google account. You can do so by following the two methods given below:

ADM/Google Find My Device

If your Motorola account was linked with your Google account then you can use ADM which stands for Android Device Manager to unlock your phone. Every Android device linked with a Google account can be located and wiped through Google’s Find My Device services. This method will only work if you have previously logged into your Google account via your Motorola phone. On older Android devices, ADM was applicable and you could unlock your phone using ADM however, on newer devices, ADM has been replaced by Google’s Find My.

Using Google’s Find My, you can do three activities related to finding your lost phone that includes playing a sound on your phone, locking your phone, and signing out of your Google Account, and lastly, erasing your device.

Since ADM was available in older Android devices, you can follow the steps given below to unlock your device if your phone is of an older Android model:

  • On any browser, open Google’s Find My Device page by logging into your Google account. You can also type
  • After you are signed in, all devices connected to your account will appear on your screen, and click on your Motorola phone.
  • Choose the lock option and set your new password.

Forgot pattern

If your screen lock is a pattern and your phone is only on a version of Android 4.4 or lower operating system, then you can unlock your phone in a couple of minutes by following the steps given below:

  • Enter a few wrong patterns a couple of times until you are shown a warning to try again after 30 seconds.
  • Tap on Forgot Password at the bottom of your screen and from the options given, tap on Enter Google Account details.
  • Give your Google account details and Google will send you a new pattern that you can draw on and later use the same pattern to unlock your Motorola phone.

This method may not work if your Moto phone is updated to the latest OS. According to the two methods given, you can easily unlock your phone if you have your Google account information in hand.

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