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How to fix ‘https aka ms remoteconnect not working’ issue in Minecraft?

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Minecraft has grown to arguably be one of the most popular gaming titles in the past decade. Not only has it found its audience among kids but also adults, several of who took to streaming and are currently top Minecraft streamers on Twitch and Youtube, boasting millions of subscribers.

Developed by Sweden-based Mojang Studios alongside Xbox Game Studios, Other Ocean Interactive and 4J Studios, the game is mainly played in the multiplayer setting, and devices can be connected using the feature. However, people have lately been pointing out issues while connecting, and here we’ve discussed what is the https aka ms remote connect sign-in bug in Minecraft and how to fix it on PC, Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

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What is the sign in bug in Minecraft?

As mentioned above, allows people to connect with other Minecraft players and makes it easy to play the game even when on different consoles, including PS, Switch, PC, Xbox and smartphones.

However, if the service isn’t working as expected, people would have issues playing Minecraft with others, and here we’ve discussed possible fixes for https aka ms remoteconnect not working issue.

Use Microsoft sign in code from Minecraft

  • Launch Minecraft and click on Sign-in access multiplayer option and link your Microsoft account.
  • Then click on the link and enter the code you’ve received in the message.
  • Open any browser and log into your microsoft account at
  • Then, in a new tab on the same browser, open
  • Now insert the code in the new window and click on the Next button.
  • On the next page, agree to the terms and conditions and press Yes.

The error should disappear. New Microsoft accounts can often show the https aka ms remoteconnect not working error even when signing in with a code. Try a couple of times to access the game with the code before moving on to the next fix.

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Restart your device

Whichever gaming console, smartphone or PC you’re using to play Minecraft can have temporary file and cache bugs which can be resolved by simply restarting the machine. This should also fix the not working issue.

While this might seem an elementary method to fix the error, it works in most cases and doesn’t harm your system or saved game files in any way—however, a must-try before moving onto other fixes.

Make sure the account isn’t being used on another device

If the same Microsoft account is being used on a different device — especially that of a different make like Xbox and Playstations or Playstation and Switch — it’s quite possible that this is causing the Minecraft not working error.

To fix the issue, you can log out of the previous device if you aren’t using it actively or create a new Microsoft account for the new gadget.

Create a new Microsoft account

As mentioned above, if you’re using the existing Microsoft account on some other device, you might need a new one to sign in to a new console.

Go to Microsoft’s official website and create a new account, and this should fix the not working issue.

Delete Minecraft saved game data

Another thing that can cause the not working issue is saved Minecraft game data, which might’ve some corrupt files and causing the game and remote connections to crash.

You can create a backup of the saved game data before deleting it in case that’s not causing the issue.

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Logout and reinstall

If deleting saved game data doesn’t seem to help your case, as a last resort, you can log out of the game, uninstall it from your console and then reinstall it to fix the not working error.

How to fix not working on PS4?

Sign in to the Microsoft account after launching Minecraft. Enter the 8-digit code and then go to and follow the on-screen instructions.

Alternatively, go to to enter the code.

How to fix not working on Switch?

Now, this might sound weird, but patience is the key here. More often than not, Nintendo Switch will display the not working error whenever you try to insert the code in the website and log you out. However, the key is to keep trying to log in again and again.

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