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Top 7 Minecraft Parkour servers

Minecraft is one of those games where you can do just about anything you want. It seems that for a lot of people, that might be parkour.

In this article, we’re bringing you the top seven Minecraft parkour servers where you can hop around obstacle courses and aim for the leaderboard.

Mox MC

Mox MC has a plethora of different obstacle course maps that are categorised for different skillset and experiences. Players who beat popular parkour challenges are also incentivised with custom in-game items and tags.

Top 7 Minecraft Parkour servers | Candid.Technology

All the player need to do is join the server and type /warp parkour in the chat. This will bring up Mox MC’s excellent parkour map for the players to tackle. 

Server IP:

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Minr is a Minecraft server that’s about ten years old at this point. Over the decade that this server has been operating, there have been consistent additions of new and different parkour maps for players to enjoy.

Top 7 Minecraft Parkour servers | Candid.Technology

Once again, the server has maps that are categorized according to players’ skill levels and experiences. This makes the server a pleasant experience for both beginners and pro players alike.

Server IP:

Happy-HG Parkour

Another rather popular Minecraft server, Happy-HG, has quite a few game modes built-in, including parkour. Players have the opportunity to fine-tune specific in-game parkour skills with precise maps that target individual areas for improvement.

Top 7 Minecraft Parkour servers | Candid.Technology

There are custom maps for each scenario. For example, players can either hop onto a slime or a ladder parkour map and practice to improve areas they’re struggling with. 

Server IP:

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The server has remained popular with the Minecraft multiplayer community for years now and is a rather well-known server.

Top 7 Minecraft Parkour servers | Candid.Technology

The server has multiple game modes, including a few parkour maps. There’s a rather well-known map called ‘Dragon Escape’ that’s popular amongst many runners in Minecraft. The map is totally exclusive to Mineplex and is quite the experience. 

Server IP:


While actually being smaller than some of the other servers mentioned on this list, Parkourcraft has a huge selection of awesome, custom-built parkour maps and even plugins for players to fiddle around with.

Top 7 Minecraft Parkour servers | Candid.Technology

Players are rewarded with in-game coins for completing the maps, which can be later redeemed for in-game cosmetics perks and features such as hats or chat tags.

Server IP:

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MiceClub is a rather big and active Minecraft server with multiple game modes, including parkour. The challenges are divided by skill and make for an enjoyable experience for beginners and pros alike.

Top 7 Minecraft Parkour servers | Candid.Technology

Players are also rewarded for completing challenges and maps. The rewards come in the form of either in-game cosmetics or chat tags. 

Server IP:

Renatus Network

If you’re just getting started in Minecraft parkour and are looking for a server to get to grips with the whole thing, this is a great place to start.

Top 7 Minecraft Parkour servers | Candid.Technology

There’s a course called Rocky that will get players up and running with all the basic skills you need to get started with Parkour in Minecraft. Once you’re up to speed, you can try out harder, more challenging courses.

Server IP:

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