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How to fix Hulu error code P-dev318?

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Hulu is one of the leading all-in-one premium streaming services with over 40 million subscribers; it offers a variety of live and on-demand movies and TV shows that you can stream on any device. It offers a wide array of subscription plans for its users.

Lately, Hulu users have been facing an error code P-dev318 while streaming on Hulu, and it is becoming frustrating for them; this error code occurs because of some technical issues.

This article discusses the causes of the Hulu error code P-dev318 and five fixes to resolve the error.

What are the causes of the Hulu error code P-dev318?

Here are three possible causes of the Hulu error code P-dev 318:

  • The Hulu server is down.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • Using an outdated version of the app.
  • Cache memory problem.

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How to fix the Hulu error code P-dev318?

Here are five fixes that might help you resolve the Hulu error code P-dev318:

Check the server status of Hulu

The Hulu app might be showing the error code P-dev318 because it is not getting the connection from the Hulu servers, so check the server status of the Hulu app and wait till it gets online.

Check the internet connection

It might be possible that the Hulu app or your device is not getting a stable internet connection, and that is why it is showing this error, so check your internet connection and try restarting your WIFI router.

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Clear the Hulu app’s cache data

All apps need a sufficient amount of space to store the data, and if it does not get it, it will stop working properly and start to crash, so clear out the cache memory of the Hulu app.

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Update the app

The apps usually stop functioning properly because they are getting regular updates, so check for the update of the Hulu app.

Restart the app

If the app is facing any technical issues and causing this error then you should restart the Hulu app, as restarting the app solves a lot of technical problems with the app.

Reinstall the app

Sometimes the app files get corrupted or the app doesn’t get installed properly, reinstalling the Hulu app might solve this error for you.

Contact support

If nothing of the above methods worked for you in resolving, then your last option is to contact support.

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