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What does Exp mean on Hulu?

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Hulu is a US-based streaming service that began its journey in 2007 and currently boasts over 35 million subscribers, who are offered over 80,000 TV shows and movies and more than 65 live TV channels, majorly catering to the US audience.

It is one of the most popular streaming services, competing with the likes of Netflix and Amazon with original as well as licensed shows and movies, and with cable tv with their Live TV plan.

Now, like any other online streaming service, in addition to producing original content, Hulu also licenses content. Those licenses are only valid for a limited time unless Hulu decides to renew them and keep the content on the platform.

Exp on Hulu

Exp on Hulu refers to the expiration date or, more specifically, the time left for the particular video content — TV show or Movie — to expire and be taken down from Hulu.

Whenever a show or movie is set to expire on Hulu, and you’ve been watching it or have it on your list, the platform moves that content to the My Stuff section, making it easily discoverable.

Once the said content has expired, you won’t be able to access it on Hulu. Note that you’ll only see Exp on Hulu’s licensed content, and their original content will be available as long as the service stays unless they decide to remove it from the library.

Exp badges on Hulu

Different Exp badges on Hulu’s licensed content mean different things. Usually, you’ll see Exp badges with the number of days left or with a certain day. Here we’ve listed the most common ones.

Hulu Exp badgeMeans
Exp 11 daysThe content will expire on the midnight of the 11th day from today’s date
Exp FridayThe content will expire on the night of the coming Friday
Exp TodayThe content will expire today at midnight
Exp TomorrowThe content will expire tomorrow at midnight

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team