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How to fix Hulu error code P-edu122?

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Hulu is an American subscription-based online streaming platform. With a subscriber base of about 47 million users, it is one of the fastest-growing streaming services.

In this article, we will take a look at one of the error codes – P-edu122, that you might encounter if you are using Hulu, We will examine the causes of this error code, and we will also tell about the fixes that you can use to bypass this error code.

What is the error code P-edu122 in Hulu?

You will encounter this error if you are trying to view any geo-blocked online content. In simpler words, you are outside the borders of the service availability. For example, if a particular event is available for viewership in country A, then people in other countries who are trying to watch the event might encounter error code P-edu122.

Usually, this happens in case of some live events such as sports or due to any other eventuality such as blackouts. Here is what Hulu has to say on the issue:

These restrictions are determined by the sports leagues and other rights holders and can affect availability across various broadcast and cable TV services.

If you want to check out the live channel availability, you can enter the zip code to ascertain what channels are available in your area. On the other hand, if you want to check the live event availability, you can easily use the Hulu live guide to determine whether that live event is blacked out or unavailable.

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How to fix error code P-edu122 in Hulu?

Now that we have examined the cause of the error, here are some ways that you can; use to fix the error.

Use any Anonymous Proxy Tool

Anonymous Proxy tools hide the users’ information, such as the IP address, so that the users can access such links, which are usually not accessible in their region or due to some other restrictions; there are a bunch of such tools available on the internet. However, these tools should be used cautiously, especially while bypassing geo-blockings, as companies continuously monitor such traffic.

Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network is a more secure way to bypass geo-blocking. One advantage of using a VPN service is that a VPN encrypts the internet traffic, securing the user’s identity. However, these services are usually not free.

Use any third-party applications

There are tons of third-party applications which allow you to view online content at no cost. However, we advise users not to use such third-party applications as these apps offer little or no privacy protection. Also, most of the time, these apps require an additional video player, which the user has to install to view the content.

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