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How to fix Hulu error code P-dev313?

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Hulu is an American streaming service where you can watch shows like South Park, Modern Family, and Hulu original shows like the Handmaid’s tale. They provide live TV, news, and sports services. Hulu is majorly owned by The Walt Disney Company, which offers a trio bundle of Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ packed with ads.

However, if any error is displayed on your screen, it pauses your leisure time. In this article, we explain what is Hulu error code P-dev313 and give seven ways to fix this error.

What is error code P-dev313?

This error has been reported by users recently. It is associated with a random occurrence where this error code interrupts your streaming experience. The stream disappears and is replaced with a grey screen that says Hulu is having trouble playing the show or movie.

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Why does error code P-dev313 occur?

Error code P-dev313 usually occurs when:

  • There is a network issue
  • Server maintenance problem
  • App has not been updated in a while
  • Accumulation of cache.

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Error code P-dev313: 7 Fixes

You can fix this error by following the fixes given below one-by-one and if your streaming does not resume after this then contact Hulu’s help center. First, you can employ the subsequent fixes:

Restarting the video

Before jumping to conclusions, remove the app from your recently opened tabs. Reopen the Hulu app and replay the video to check if this error still exists. You can also try restarting the app or your phone in case this issue persists with all Hulu content.

Outdated app

Well, this hack is easy, just update your app. There might be a newer version of the Hulu app where this error has been debugged. This will also fix any other issues present in the previous version of the app.

Reinstall app

You can uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app to remove unnecessary cache and corrupted files. Reinstalling the app will rewrite the corrupted files, rendering a steady and safe-to-use stream.

Clearing cache

By clearing the cache of your apps, you create extra space and remove junk and useless files. You can clear the cache of the Hulu app this way on your mobile or on your browser as well.

Clearing cache on Android

Network issue

Check your router since the error P-dev313 is linked to network issues. If your device has low internet connectivity, this could be the reason for the error. Try moving around to get a better signal if you are streaming from your mobile. Switch your WiFi on and off to rule out any network issues, and you can also contact your network provider.

Server issue

Hulu could have its servers down and cannot connect to show your content without interruptions. You can check the status of Hulu servers through a site called Downdetector.

Roku issues

  • Hulu could only be showing this on Roku TV. In this case, you can delete the app from Roku TV and reinstall the app.
  • However, if the above solution does not work, you will have to reset the app hard. You can go to System on Home Screen and select System Restart. After this, you can try the first step again. Delete the app and install it again.

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