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Insignia TV Remote Not Working: Quick Fix

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Insignia is a US TV brand Owned by Best Buy, Insignia offers TVs at affordable prices with good features available in that price range. So, if you are looking for good TVs, then insignia can be a good choice. However, as is true with any other piece of hardware, Insignia TVs, as well as their remotes, are prone to bugs and issues.

In this article, we have discussed the possible causes of insignia TV remote not working issue and have also shared seven fixes for them

What causes Insignia TV remote to stop working?

  • The remote and TV aren’t paired.
  • The remote’s batteries are drained.
  • There can be dust, debris, or water inside, which hinders smooth functioning.
  • The remote’s hardware is damaged.
  • The TV’s receiver is facing issues

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How to fix the Insignia TV remote not working issue?

Here are seven ways to fix bugs and issues with the Insignia TV remote not working issue.

Reset the remote

This is the most simple method and still the most effective one. Remove the batteries and wait for two to three minutes, and put it back in.

Reset the TV

If there is any Disconnection between your TV and remote, this may fix it. Take out the power plug and wait for two to three minutes, then plug it in again and switch it on.

Pair the remote again

Sometimes your Insignia remote doesn’t work because it’s unpaired with the TV.

There are two primary ways to pair your remote again, which will work for most remotes.

  • Try pressing and holding the home button on your remote for 30 seconds.
  • If it doesn’t work, then try pressing and holding the left navigation button and menu button at the same time for 30 seconds.

If you have an enhanced insignia remote, you can find the pair button below the batteries. Press and hold the button, and it should reconnect it.

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Clear anything hindering the TV receiver

If anything is blocking the TV receiver, the remote won’t work; try removing anything that you think might be blocking the TV receiver.

Replace the batteries

One of the most common reasons for your remote not is that the remote batteries are dead; replace them with new batteries.

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Use Insignia remote apps

There are a few apps through which you can control your TV without a physical remote.

  • Insignia TV remote app (1 or 2)
  • Roku TV app
  • Amazon fire TV app

Factory reset the TV

There are two ways to factory reset your TV

  1. Use the side/back panel buttons on the TV.
  2. Download the Insignia remote app and follow these steps: Go to Settings > System > Reset to factory defaults.

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