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How to fix ‘Instagram Signup Blocked’ error?

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Instagram is a rather popular social media network that has completely changed the way we communicate and share our lives online. However, just like everything tech, even a giant like Instagram isn’t immune to bugs and glitches. 

In this article, we’re going over issues that can block you from signing up or creating a new account on Instagram.

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What causes Instagram signup blocked error?

There are a number of things that can cause an error while trying to make an account on Instagram. Your device could have been blocked because of VPNs or Instagram might’ve simply blocked your device’s IP address due to spam or the use of automation bots. 

How to fix Instagram signup blocked error?

Here are a few methods you can try out to resolve any signup errors you might be facing on Instagram.

Check your internet connection

The first thing you should try out is making sure you have a proper internet connection. If you’re using mobile data, try switching it off and back on again. If you’re on WiFi, restarting your router is a good way to clear out any internet issues you might be having.

Restart your phone

Another rather easy to fix this issue is to simply restart your phone. Restarting your devices can resolve all sorts of seemingly random issues, including the ‘Instagram signup blocked’ error. 

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Change the email address or phone number

While you can use the same email address and phone number with multiple Instagram accounts, if by chance either of these credentials is blocked, Instagram will not let you make an account through them.

We recommend you make a new email address and try again. You can also try using a new device or phone number.

Try the desktop site

Instagram’s desktop site is highly limited when it comes to functionality, but it gets the basics done. If you’re facing issues trying to make an account on the app, you can try out the desktop site to make one. 

How to fix 'Instagram Signup Blocked' error?
You can visit the Instagram desktop site here

Change your device or browser

In case you’re having trouble making an account using the app on your phone, it’s likely that Instagram has blocked the device owing to any previous bans or penalties. Try using the Instagram app from another phone to see if you can make an account. 

Same thing if you’re trying to make an account through the desktop site. If you’re having issues with one browser, you can potentially fix the issue by switching browsers. 

You can also try to fix the ‘Instagram signup blocked’ error when making an account using a browser is trying out the incognito mode that most browsers have. 

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Use a VPN

While using a VPN can cause this error, sometimes, using one can also get you around the situation. All you need to do is download a VPN app like Nord or ProtonVPN or use your existing one if you have any, connect to a VPN network and try again; this should resolve the ‘Instagram signup blocked’ error. 

Sign up through Facebook

If you’re not directly able to make an account through Instagram, you can try signing up using Facebook. Do keep in mind that if you already have a Facebook account that is linked with any Instagram profiles, you’re going to have to make a new one.

Sign up using a different account

The Instagram app lets users access multiple accounts on the same device. This also gives users an option to not only add another profile but also to make one rather easily. 

Note that you will require a working Instagram account for this method to work.

  • Open Instagram and head over to your profile by tapping the profile picture icon in the bottom right.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu icon in the top right.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Add or Switch Accounts.
  • Tap on Add Account from the list of accounts.
  • Tap Create New Account. 

From here on simply follow the instructions and you’ll be able to make a new account in no time.

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