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9 IoT Security Solutions to safeguard your network

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new technology and has gained much popularity over the past years. IoT poses a lot of security threats and one should be aware of the available security solutions that can safeguard their IoT networks.

Since IoT is a new trend, not many security options are available, but your organisation can make sure that it is secured using the following steps:

Use data encryption techniques

Data is quite vulnerable in IoT networks as there is a frequent transmission of information. By use of high-end cryptographic algorithms, data should be encrypted to ensure its security.

By encoding data, we can make sure that only authorised people have access to it. Check out this article to know some added benefits of encrypting your data.

Run IoT Security Analysis

It is important that an organisation runs a security analysis every now and then to evaluate their assets and check for liabilities. Analytic solution tools are available by which you can analyze the kind of attacks that could be possibly carried out on your system in advance and take suitable counter-measures for the same.

Implement IoT API Security Methods

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IoT APIs has been proved to be a boon in terms of making it simpler for people to interact with their devices. But there is catch when it comes to only authenticated individuals interacting with these devices.

Apart from this, it is also important that the data transmitted between the two interfaces remains integral and not tampered with. Read this article for some solutions by which APIs can be secured.

Avoid rushing IoT device launching process

One of the main reasons for an IoT device to be insecure is that the components used are not tested well enough for any kind of security threat. Ensure that proper threat modelling techniques are carried out before deployment of the device.

Update yourself with latest security threats

There are new security threats generated each day as hackers are able to bypass security protocols by new techniques.

One should make sure he updates himself with any possibilities by which his system can be hacked by reading up on various technical news resources. Check out this website that highlights new threats to IoT security.

Try to implement newly published security mechanisms: IoT Sentinel

9 IoT Security Solutions to safeguard your IoT network

IoT Sentinel is a great way to secure any existing as well as new IoT networks. Check out this IEEE paper to understand its implementation and working.

Its basic functionality is to analyse and identify the kind of device joining the IoT network and give respective permissions in accordance with the kind of vulnerabilities it poses.

By restricting its participation, the other devices in the network are also secured from any kind of influence from it.

Use IoT Security products to protect your IoT network

There are a number of security products for IoT networks in the market, like Bitdefender Box, Synaptics multi-factor biometrics (for mobile), Kensington VeriMark Fingerprint Key and more. Check out this list of IoT security products that will better help protect your IoT network.

Sign up with some certified companies that provide solutions

There are many security service providers online that help your organisation safeguard your IoT network from any possible threats. Some of these security service providers include:

AWS IoT Device Defender: Helps secure IoT specific devices.

Cisco IoT Threat Defense: Models kinds of threats on the device and provides solutions for the same.

TrendMicro IoT Security Solutions: Security solutions for IoT devices used in different kinds of industries.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions: Secures IoT networks built in enterprises.

Follow current IoT Security Trends

9 IoT Security Solutions to safeguard your IoT network

Identity of things

This is a concept by which an IoT network is monitored for any new device that tries to connect. It is extremely helpful in terms of understanding the possible threats it can pose to the rest of the devices in the network. Accordingly, suitable interaction privileges can be given to that device.

IoT regulations and standards

Making use of proper regulations to standardize ways of implementing security in an IoT network can greatly reduce a lot of confusion that surrounds security concerns. Check out this article that illustrates regulation of IoT security policies might be the only true way to secure IoT networks.

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Parinita Haldar

Parinita Haldar