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Is Kinguin legit? Should you be buying or selling here?

Online game marketplaces have been all the rage as games continue going online. Now you might see some stores offering games for much cheaper as compared to official stores like Steam, Origin or Epic. 

In this article, we’re looking at one such third-party game store called Kinguin and diving into whether or not it’s safe to use. 

What is Kinguin?

Kinguin is essentially a marketplace where people can sell their Windows or game keys. However, the marketplace itself doesn’t sell games or software. Instead, it is what you’d consider a grey market — a place where digital products are sold legally but outside of a company or brand’s permission or not sold by the publisher directly. 

Kinguin launched back in 2013 and has been a relatively active marketplace for game codes for games on Steam, Origin, Playstation, Xbox and even Nintendo. And while you may get game codes for rather cheap here, there’s no telling whether or not these codes work as intended.

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Is Kinguin legit?

While there have been numerous reports of people buying codes from Kinguin and the codes working fine, there’s an equal number of complaints on the internet about people receiving key codes that just won’t work. 

The thing here is since you’re buying these codes from a third party, there’s no telling how these sellers obtained these keycodes in the first place, let alone whether they’re legit or not. 

So your Kinguin purchase may, after all, be legit and lets you save a ton of cash. However, instead of buying a game from, let’s say, Steam or Origin, you’re still risking your money because there’s an equal chance your keycode might not work, or you might not get a key code at all.

The Kinguin homepage

While Kinguin does offer Buyer Protection, users have to pay a separate fee to avail the service. Furthermore, Kinguin’s Privacy Policy clearly states that “buyers and sellers let take, at its discretion, final decisions regarding all claims that buyers may file with in connection with Kinguin Buyer Protection Policy”.

Essentially, it’s up to them to decide whether or not your claim is valid. However, if they decide in your favour as a buyer, you will get your money back. Do keep in mind that the Buyer Protection fee is not refundable (not including pre-order cancellations). 

We recommend buying games or other software straight from the publisher. Yes, you might end up paying a little extra, but you get the peace of mind knowing you won’t be scammed and then, of course, you get the developer’s support as well as all the latest updates as soon as they become available. 

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