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Is Minecraft cross-platform?

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Mojang Studios developed Minecraft, and the game went on to capture the hearts of millions of players worldwide since its initial release in 2011. One of the key factors contributing to its enduring popularity is its cross-platform capabilities.

In this article, we have discussed whether Minecraft supports cross-platform play and how many platforms Minecraft is available.


Minecraft is a popular video game where you can be creative and build amazing things. It has a big world with blocks made of different materials. You can explore, survive, and fight or focus on building without any limits. The game works on different devices, so you can play with your friends no matter what they’re using. There are always updates and many people playing, so it’s always exciting.

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Does Minecraft support cross-platform play?

Ever since Minecraft released the Bedrock Edition, the game allows people to play together on different devices. You can play with friends on a Windows PC, Mac or iPhone, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft also has another version called Java Edition, which lets you play with others on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Remember, you can only play with people who have the same edition as you, whether Bedrock or Java.

Platforms on which Minecraft is available

Java Version

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows PC

Bedrock Edition

  • Android
  • Fire OS/TV
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad)
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Oculus/Meta Quest
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • PSVR
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows PC
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

If you are playing Minecraft on older consoles like Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, or 3DS, you can’t play with friends on different platforms. To play with friends on different devices, all of you need to have the same version of the game, so make sure everyone has the latest update. Another option is to join a third-party server to play together.

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