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Is safe?

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  • 3 min read is a website that offers free ROMs and emulators for various retro games. But people have asked about the legitimacy and trustworthiness of this website. In this article, we’ll review based on several criteria, and by the end, you will have a clear idea of whether is safe.

Is legit and trustworthy?

One of the first things you should remember while assessing a website for scams is the identity and reputation of the site’s owner and domain.

When we head to Scamadvisor, we find that Oldroms has a pretty good trust score of 82/100.

The website has a valid SSL certificate, which means that the data shared between you and the website is encrypted and safe.

Scamadvisor also says that the website is trusted by some pretty well-known names in the field of cybersecurity such as DNSFilter, Flashstart and Trend Micro.

According to Similarweb, Oldroms garnered traffic of 1.4 million, and the website ranks at 1,358 in Video Games Consoles and Accessories in the United States.

This could be a good sign for starters. However, there are several negative highlights about Oldroms, too that we think you should know.

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Oldrom’s safety issues

  • The identity of the site’s owner is hidden on WHOIS, which may indicate a lack of transparency or accountability. However, this isn’t a red flag, as the individual or organisation could just be looking to keep the information private.
  • The domain name has been registered only recently — in June 2022– which suggests that the website is new and hence not as trustworthy. If it’s still up there and offering secure roms four years later, we may have a more definite answer.
  • As per Virustotal, five security vendors flagged Oldroms, which means that the website is still not fully trustworthy.
  • The social media validation of Oldroms is poor, given that the website pulls more than a million traffic per month (Bots, anyone?). When we head to the X page of Oldroms, we find that it has only eight followers. The Youtube channel is also not faring well, with only 106 subscribers when writing this article. The videos are not up to the mark.

Based on the above factors, we can’t conclude that the website is not fraudulent, but you should still be cautious when ordering or downloading anything from Oldroms.

Some would also say that the website is still new and we should give it time to grow. This is a legit point and should be taken into consideration.

We advise you to refrain from doing any transactions on this website until the owners do something about their website’s social media and flagged downloads.

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