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Kotion Each G5200 longest term review

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Kotion Each G5200 review: Should you buy it? | Candid.Technology

A proper audiophile would argue that gaming headphones are tuned a specific way to maximise gaming performance, but they aren’t that good at music. That’s not always the case, though. Most gaming headsets are now tuned to perform amazingly not only in games but also during media consumption. Here, we bring you a long-term review of one such gaming headset that’ll quite literally blow your head off — The Kotion Each G5200.

Build Quality

They have a silicone headband and plastic earcups all on a metal frame — nothing too special. This makes the headphone super light and also gives it an excellent snug fit on the head.

The headband has some soft gel cushioning, which adapts to the shape of your head and provides considerable comfort. The earcups also have more than enough cushioning around them so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing them for long.

However, if you wear spectacles, then it can get uncomfortable quickly although it depends on the design of your specs. For me wearing them without specs is the most comfortable.

The cable is braided but has a plastic coating over it. Works great and has lasted me about four years at this point.

Overall, the headphones are solidly and if used correctly will last years. I’ve been using them for the last four years, and they’re still going just as new.

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Probably the biggest talking point about the G5200 is the inbuild haptic feedback system that vibrates the earcups according to the sound you’re listening. However, let’s go through more basic features first.Kotion Each G5200 review: Should you buy it? | Candid.Technology When it comes to sound quality, they’re pretty good. You get a vast soundstage with crystal clear mids and highs. There’s also sort of virtual 7.1 surround sound, but to me, it seems more of a gimmick than a feature. The low end gets a little bit muddy when it gets too low, but the vibration makes up for it.

Since the headphones are USB based, you get the consistent sound across devices. They have their little sound card onboard which you can configure with Kotion’s software. Let me know if that works out for you though; I’ve been trying for years.

Having a USB connector also adds power advantage to these bad boys, They’re able to drive the headphones more powerfully as well as get the lighting going using a single connection. And oh the light on this thing is loud. You’re going to illuminate a whole room with just these.

You get several controls under the left earcup — first a volume wheel and secondly a vibration toggle switch. And now we come to the main attraction — the haptic feedback.

So this isn’t precisely haptic feedback; instead, the headphones vibrate anytime there’s a bass note. This vibration gives the sound a big boost, and in games, this makes for such an immersive experience.

There’s a dedicated button to switch the vibration off, and you don’t realise the difference it makes until you switch it off. All in all, the experience created by the vibrations makes the headphones worth the buy at around INR 3750 ($50).

Should you buy them?

Absolutely. I recommend these headphones wholeheartedly. However, if your budget allows for it, go for a more recognised brand because warranty or customer support is non-existent at least in India. They’ve been working fine for me, but you never know when tragedy strikes and all we can do is be ready.

You can find the Kotion Each G5200 here

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