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Lenovo expands its Go wireless accessories lineup

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Following the Lenovo Go sub-brand announcement last month, Lenovo unveiled several new wireless accessories under the brand on Wednesday. The accessories include a wireless charger for laptops, a variety of different wireless mice and keyboards, power banks and headsets. 

The Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit is the star of the show here. It can transform just about any Windows or Mac laptop and connects over USB-C. The company claims that the kit should charge most 13-14 inch non-touch laptops of up to 65W with 93% efficiency. 

The launch also includes a USB-C wireless mouse, a wireless vertical mouse, a split keyboard and a wireless numeric keypad. Two power banks for laptops have also been released, alongwith a series of wireless and wired ANC headsets and headphones and a wired speaker. To top it off, the company is also offering a tech accessories organiser.

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Charge your laptop wirelessly

The Go wireless charging kit operates through the power by contact patented tech from Energysquare. Essentially, you get a 3.2mm thick metal charging mat that you can plug into the wall and leave at your desk. 

Then it’s just a matter of sticking the provided wireless charging receiver to the back of your laptop, connect it over USB-C, and you should be good to go. The power by contact standard isn’t as common as the Qi standard but still seems to be working pretty efficiently if Lenovo is believed. 

In addition to the wireless charging kit, there’s a USB-C power bank for laptops with a 20,000 mAh battery, and a wireless power bank for phones with a 10,000 mAh battery is also due to hit the market soon.

ProductRelease datePrice
Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank (20,000 mAh)July 2021€80
Go Wireless Mobile Power Bank (10,000 mAh)January 2022€69
Go Wireless Charging KitOctober 2021€139

A bunch of wireless inputs

In addition to the Go Wireless multi-device mouse announced last month, the company has also announced a Go USB-C wireless mouse with up to three months of battery life and a blue optical sensor. There’s also a vertical wireless mouse announced that rests in a natural ‘handshake’ position, goes up to 2400 DPI and has six programmable buttons. 

Keeping in mind the ergonomic aesthetic, a Go Wireless Split keyboard has also been announced. The keyboard features vertical tenting and a negative tilt to reduce wrist stress. If you’re looking for something smaller, a wireless numeric keypad has also been announced. 

ProductRelease datePrice
Go Wireless Multi-Device MouseJuly 2021€49
Go USB-C Wireless MouseJuly 2021€36
Go Wireless Vertical MouseAugust 2021€49
Go Wireless Split KeyboardOctober 2021€89
Go Wireless Numeric KeypadOctober 2021€49

A number of ways to enjoy your audio

In terms of audio devices, there have been a number of new releases as well. First up, there’s a wired speakerphone that is Microsoft Teams compatible. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t let anyone hear what’s going on in your meeting, you also have the choice of picking up either a wired or wireless ANC headset. 

Lenovo expands its Go wireless accessories lineup

The wired headset works via USB=C or USB-A, and the wired over Bluetooth offering dual pairing, which means you can pair up to two devices with the headset simultaneously. Note that these headsets are also Microsoft Teams compatible, and the audio experience can be customised via the Lenovo Go Central software. 

Lastly, there’s a pair of noise cancellation wired in-ear headphones as well. The headphones let the user switch to an ambient mode where noise cancellation is turned off, and you can hear what’s going on around you. They’re also designed to work universally with any USB-C device. 

ProductRelease datePrice
Go Wired ANC headsetNovember 2021€99
Go Wireless ANC HeadsetNovember 2021€159
Go ANC In-ear HeadphonesNovember 2021€79
Go Wired SpeakerphoneOctober 2021€99

To top the list off, Lenovo has also launched a Go Tech accessory organiser built specifically for Go accessories and features compression-moulded compartments and splash=proof zippers. The organiser launches in September 2021 for €45

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