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How to level up in Shadow Fight 3?

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Shadow Fight 3 is an action-RPG fighting video game published by Nekki and developed by Banzai Game, it has a multiplayer game-mode through which you can play with the players across the world using an active internet connection.

In this article, we will explain all the possible ways without any hack or third party app through which you can level up in Shadow fight 3.

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5 ways to level up in Shadow Fight 3 on Android

Play and win Story mode and unlock different cards, chest and coins from which you can upgrade the armours and weapons and make your character stronger and win battles.

Play and win daily missions that renew daily and those missions bring three types of rewards — coins, chest keys and shadow energy. Play all the missions regularly to get more coins, cards and gems and use them to upgrade your cards and overall strength of your character.

Play and win events and earn booster packs and different cards and gems and that helps you in upgrading your weapons.

Play and win duels and earn coins, trophies, and different cards. Increasing trophies are important as it increases your rating. This translates to the kind of players to encounter in multiplayer mode as you will get opponents who have the same (or nearly the same) number of trophies as you have in the game.

Playing duels helps you unlock the duel chests from which you can get chest keys, coins and cards to upgrade.

How to level up in Shadow Fight 3? | Candid.Technology

Complete the Quests which will give you keys for different chests — rare, epic and legendary. You get different amounts of coins, cards of a different rarity in all chests. So keep on playing games and earn those keys by completing those quests to unlock the chests and get cards to upgrade.

How to level up in Shadow Fight 3? | Candid.Technology

Just like other games, Shadow fight 3 also has an in-game purchases option that allows you to buy coins and gems. You can select an item pack from the special offer options or offers that have different upgrades cards of weapons, armours with shadow energy and gems.

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