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Liftmaster keypad not working: Quick Fix

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Liftmaster is a renowned brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers. It is also a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial gate operators, telephone entry systems and products related to access control.

In this article, we have discussed the causes of the Liftmaster keypad not working issue and a few ways to help you fix the problem.

What are the causes of the Liftmaster keypad not working issue?

Below we have mentioned some of the possible reasons that might be causing the Liftmaster keypad not working issue.

  • The batteries of the keypad are drained.
  • Using incorrect Pin.
  • Damaged wires.
  • Malfunctioning buttons.

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How to fix the issue?

If the keypad of your garage door is not working properly then we have explained a few ways that might help you fix the issue.

Change keypad batteries

If your garage door keypad is not working then it might be possible that your keypad batteries are dead. The keypads run on batteries and they show no warning when the battery is low or dead. So replace the keypad battery and check if the keypad is working or not. Some newer models require a 9-volt battery and some older models require a 12-volt battery.

Use the correct PIN

Make sure you are entering the correct pin, it is a very common mistake that happens and we all make such small mistakes. Generally, all models have limits to how many times you can enter the pin, if you enter the wrong pin many times then your keypad might get blocked.

If you have forgotten the pin then you have to wipe the keypad’s memory and then reprogram it. You will have to restart the whole system, and restarting the system wipes all the memory which includes the used pins as well.

Check for loose connections

Check the garage door keypad and remote for any loose connections and damaged wires. A loose connection or damaged wires can be a reason you are unable to use the garage door keypad. If you find any loose wires then detach them and then attach them again and if you find any damaged then replace them.

Clean the keypad

It is possible that dirt might be accumulated in the garage door keypad and clogged the buttons making it difficult to use the buttons. So cleaning it is the best option for you if this is the reason you are unable to use your garage door keypad. Clean it and then check it.

Reboot the garage door opener

Rebooting the garage door openers is the one of best and most working solutions for a lot of common issues with the system. To do that, simply turn off the garage door opener and then unplug the power cord for about five minutes and then plug it back in and then start the system again.

Buy a new keypad

If none of the above methods works for you then as the last resort you can buy a new keypad. The keypad you are using right now might be old, the keypad is directly exposed to different weather conditions like sun, wind, rain and snow which affect the keypad’s life. So if you think your keypad is old and needs replacement then replace it.

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