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Liquid detected in Lightning connector: Quick Fix

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Water is an electronic device’s worst nightmare. With more and more phones becoming waterproof or water-resistant, however, this isn’t as big of a problem anymore, but it still is something to look out for. You don’t want your $1000 phone going down the drain, quite literally.

In this article, we’re talking about five possible fixes if your Apple phone shows the ‘liquid detected in lightning connector’ notification.

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Turn your phone off

Turn off your phone as soon as you become aware of the presence of water. Water can cause a great deal of damage to your phone as it is a good conductor of electricity. And, with your phone turned on and electricity flowing in from the battery, water can damage your phone terribly.

Tap dry

The next thing you should do is gently hit your phone against your palm or some other soft surface with the lightning port facing towards the impact to eliminate any excess moisture, water or liquids in the port. 

Once you’re confident, you’ve removed all liquids from the port, leave your phone in a dry area with sufficient airflow to dry out for at least 30 minutes before attempting to charge your phone or connect an accessory. 

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Use Rice

Yes, you read that right. Use rice!

What to do if your phone drops in water? Here are 4 ways to dry it

Placing your phone in a jar of rice overnight will remove any moisture present inside your charging port. However, make sure that any rice particles are not inside the charging port; otherwise, they might cause damage to your phone.

Use a vacuum hose

Alternatively, you can use a vacuum hose to get rid of the water from your charging port. The vacuum hose will suck the water from your port, thus, leaving your port dry and water-free.

Do not blow out the water

Blowing out the air inside your phone may result in pushing the water inside your phone. Once gone more in, the water will take more time to dry, and obviously, you don’t want this. Therefore, avoid blowing out the air inside your charging port.

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