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Is Mangasee safe? Top 5 alternatives

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Mangasee is a website and an app which allows its users to read manga for free, Mangasee has mangas available in all genres action, adventure, romance, ecchi and other genres. Mangasee updates the mangas frequently for its readers.

Mangasee has all the latest as well as old Mangas available on its site, the layout of the website is great, you can search for the manga you want to read and there is a discussion panel to discuss mangas and various things related to them.

If you want to explore more sites like Mangasee then in this article, we have listed the top 5 alternative sites for you.

Is Mangasee safe?

Yes, it is totally safe.

If you are concerned about your data being misused then you don’t have to worry because Mangasee does not ask for your details or to log in to read manga, but if you wanna subscribe to your favourite mangas and want to be notified when they get updated then you have to log in.

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Top 5 alternatives of Mangasee

Here are the top five alternatives of Mangasee:

Manga Kakalot

Mangakakalot is a website which lets its users read manga for free just like Mangasee, it has a better layout than Mangasee, and it lets you check out the latest and trending mangas, it has a popular manga list on the side panel too. It lets you change the theme of the website to night or daylight and the manga reader is available only in a long list view.

Click here to access Manga Kakalot

Kiss Manga

Kissmanga is one of the sources of free original digital manga and that is why it has a lot of content available on its site, you can find random mangas if you want something new to read. It has popular, recently updated tabs on the home screen to let its users check out the trending and recently updated mangas.

Click here to access Kiss Manga


Mangafox is one of the most famous free manga reader websites, it was launched in 2008. It has a vast collection of mangas of different genres with a nice and clean layout that hooks the readers. Just like other free manga sites you don’t have to log in to read the mangas and no advertisements will interfere while reading the mangas.

Click here to access MangaFox

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Click here to access

Manga Plus

Manga plus is also a good platform for the reader that likes to read manga for free, manga plus is owned by Shueisha, and it has a slightly different layout than others, it has a whole panel on the top for the reader to choose the manga, they have favourited tab on the top which lets you see the mangas that you have chosen as your favourite mangas.

Click here to access Manga Plus

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