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How to share screen in Microsoft Teams?

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Launched in 2017, Microsoft Teams offers many features such as audio and video calling, personal and group chatting, creating teams, sharing files, videos, photos and screen sharing.

In this article, we’ve explained how to share the screen in Microsoft Teams on PC and mobile, followed by a guide to help share Powerpoint presentations on Teams.

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What is the screen sharing in Teams?

Screen sharing enables you to allow a third person to view your screen — partially or entirely.

Here the person has real-time access to view all the activity on your screen. This can be done on laptops and via mobile phones. With a given set of permissions, the third person can also access and control your screen from their side.

The screen sharing feature comes in handy for giving online presentations and meetings. It has also provided ease in teaching and learning online.

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How to share screen in Teams via mobile?

Open the Microsoft Teams app on your Android or iOS device and follow the steps mentioned below to share the screen.

How to share screen in Microsoft Teams? | Candid.Technology
  • Click on the hamburger menu option beside the leave button.
  • Select the Share option.
  • Select the desired option to share your screen.
  • Your mobile screen is now shared.
  • To stop sharing, click on the Stop screen share icon, just like done in laptops.

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How to share screen in Teams on PC?

When you are in a teams audio or video call or a meeting, the main screen on the PC looks like shown below.

How to share screen in Microsoft Teams? | Candid.Technology
Main screen visible when in a meeting

The screen share icon lies between the leave button and the mute button.

Step 1: Click on the screen share icon.

How to share screen in Microsoft Teams? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: From the menu pop-up, select the desired option – Desktop, Window, PowerPoint and Browse.

How to share screen in Microsoft Teams? | Candid.Technology
Menu OptionDescription
DesktopIt allows you to share your whole screen and make every app visible to the third person. This option is ideal when you are working on more than one specific window or application.
WindowIt allows you to share a single app or window. Even if you’re viewing some other window, the other participant won’t be able to see that. This is ideal when you do not want to give full access to the other person.
PowerPointThe PowerPoint option allows you to show and present any presentation directly.
BrowseThe browse option allows you to search for the file saved on your PC that you desire to share.
Options for Screen Sharing

A red border can be seen around the part of the screen that is actively shared.

Optional: Toggle the include computer sound button in case you wish to play any audio.

How to stop screen sharing in Teams?

To stop screen sharing, click on the stop sharing icon in the small window visible. You can also hover over the top of your screen to find a presenters option to stop presenting.

Screen sharing with PowerPoint slides

Presentations are a vital part of screen sharing. Microsoft Teams has a dedicated option to facilitate that.

To share a presentation, click on the presentation you wish to share under the Presentations option. The presentation opens directly, and you can navigate them directly.

PowerPoint shared

The presenter can control if they want to allow attendees to change slides at their end using the eye icon beside the stop presenting button.

Attendee can change slides at their end

The attendee can go back to the slide where the presenter is by clicking on the To presenter option.

To stop presenting, the presenter must click on the Stop presenting option. A pop-up dialogue box comes for confirming that you want to stop presenting the presentation.

Stop presenting dialogue box

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What is the difference between an attendee and a presenter?

In a Teams meeting, the participants are classified as attendees and presenters. The meeting’s organiser is always a presenter and can choose who gets to be a presenter and attendee.

While both can view, speak, chat and share reactions, presenters can also present or share their screen while attendees cannot.

Presenters and attendees

The list of attendees and presenters can be seen under the Participants section. Since the attendee cannot share their screen, the screen share icon isn’t clickable.

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