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Top 7 Minecraft Prison servers

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Minecraft is an extremely versatile sandbox experience in which players can do just about anything. Because of this versatility, there are many different game modes and types that Minecraft players can now enjoy on the hundreds if not thousands of multiplayer servers out there.

In this article, we’ve listed the top seven Minecraft prison servers that you can play on right now. 

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Purple Prison

The server has been around for almost six years now and has been consistently popular since its inception. The server boasts of daily player numbers in the thousands. 

Top 7 Minecraft Prison servers | Candid.Technology

The gameplay is amazing, and there are a bunch of features for the players. A good progression system, a well-balanced economy, the ability to add player-built shops and plots, good PvP competitions and, of course, a rewarding mining experience is what you get here. 

Server IP:

Pluteria IP

This is a space-themed prison server where the players assume the role of astronauts stuck inside a space dungeon prison with one objective — escape. 

Top 7 Minecraft Prison servers | Candid.Technology

The server is rather well made, and there’s immaculate attention to detail. Not only you have the ultimate objective of escaping, but there’s also a lot of space monster fighting, mine exploration and fun-challenges to tackle. 

Server IP:

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OP Blocks

OP Blocks features a Minecraft prison that is built of candy. As the player ranks up over time, they eventually unlock a colourful new candy-themed mine. 

Top 7 Minecraft Prison servers | Candid.Technology

Each mine has custom candy-made blocks that will give you powers that can only be used in a specific mine. It’s a pretty fun concept and a good change of pace and setting from the usual prison servers. 

Server IP:


JailsMC offers one of a kind experience from the bottom of its core. There’s a good chance that you might not have experienced some of the novelties seen on this server before. 

Top 7 Minecraft Prison servers | Candid.Technology

This makes for a rather interesting and pleasant experience for beginners and prison hardened veterans alike. There are also custom item enchantments such as explosive or lightning pickaxes that are not native to either Vanilla Minecraft or any other server, for that matter. 

Server IP:

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MC Prison

MC Prison is often regarded as one of the few original Minecraft servers that kicked off the whole prison server phenomenon. The prison experience is totally classic and old school with prison cells, guards, gangs, illegal items, and many more. 

Top 7 Minecraft Prison servers | Candid.Technology

If you’re looking for a bare-bones prison experience focussed on roleplaying among the Minecraft multiplayer community, this should be your pick. 

Server IP:


Mineville is a rather popular Minecraft server with a plethora of game modes, including parkour, skyblock, survival and, of course, prison. 

Top 7 Minecraft Prison servers | Candid.Technology

The server is very active as well, so there’s a good chance you won’t have any trouble finding friends, or enemies for that matter, in no time. There are minebucks, custom enchantments, player progression and even PvP arenas. 

Server IP:


Like Mineville, Minesuperior is also a popular multiplayer Minecraft server with many game modes built-in. The prison mode is one of the best among other available options and offers a classic prison experience. 

Top 7 Minecraft Prison servers | Candid.Technology

Changes and additions are being made to the server constantly to improve the gameplay and cohesion of the whole experience. 

Server IP:

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