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How to check if Nextlink is facing an outage?

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Nextlink is an internet and phone service which is primarily based in the United States. The company primarily caters to the under-served small businesses, education and health care facilities.

Currently, you can avail Nextlink services in six states — Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.

In this article, we explain three ways by which you can check Nextlink internet outages.

Check Nextlink website

You can visit the Nextlink website for information regarding any potential internet outages in your area. You can also report the problems on this website.

On the page, check the name of your area and then see the status of the internet.

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Check Nextlink Internet Twitter handle

You can also check Nextlink’s Twitter handle which goes by the name of Nextlink Internet. Here, you will find the details of the internet blackouts or disruptions in your area. Moreover, on this handle, the company regularly interacts with its customers and also suggests some fixes.

Since you are on Twitter, you can tweet to the company and the folks there will get back to you as soon as they can.

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Use third-party websites

Before checking in with the company, you might want to check with other websites. Downdetector and Downhunter are websites that inform about the status of the service providers, including Nextlink. We have posted a screenshot of the website below.

You can see from the screenshot that currently there is no issue with Nextlink. You can click on the Live outage map on the side to see the real-time outage analysis. If your area falls in the outage zone, then wait for the company to rectify it.

We hope that by following the steps that we have mentioned in this article, you will surely be able to check Nextlink internet outages in your area.

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