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How to check if WowWay is facing an outage? 

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Wide Open West (WOW!) provides internet to more than a million households in the US. As of now, the company operates in nine states of the US, including Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois and others and is now planning to expand to more areas soon.

Here are 4 ways by which you can check if WowWay is facing an outage.

Head to the WOW website

This is a sure-shot way of knowing about any potential outages in your area. The company keeps updating us about the outages on its website or if they are conducting maintenance of the system.

When everything is fine then you will see No current or upcoming maintenance event(s) message on your screen.

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Check WOW! Care Twitter handle

If you are on Twitter, then you can check out WOW! Care on the platform. It is the official and verified Twitter handle of WOW customer support. Here, you will be notified about the recent outages in your area along with up-to-date news of all the other incidents which can cause internet disruption.

You can also tweet to the company and enquire about the outages and even tell them your problem if you are encountering one.

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Use any third-party device to check the internet outage

You can check Downdetector or similar websites and applications to check for the internet blackout. We have checked Downdetector and we noticed that WowWay was indeed down for some time although the problem seems to have been resolved. You can check out the screenshot below.

You can also check the WowWay internet outage map on Downdetector. Click on the Live Outage and Reported Problems Map on Downdetector and you will see the outage map on your screen.

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Contact WOW customer service

You can contact Wow customer service here and then report the problem.

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