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What causes the Omron E5 error? Quick Fix

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As wearables get more powerful and capable, we’re increasingly cramming more and more sensors into them to get more accurate health tracking data for ourselves. That said, they can still be pretty sketchy to the point where you might just get an error instead of readings.

This article discusses the Omron E5 error, its causes, and what you can do to fix the problem. 

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What causes this error?

Error E5 is caused by clothing or other factors interfering with Omron’s Platinum blood pressure monitor readings. The error is generally indicative of the device not getting a pulse rating, which could be because of a number of reasons. However, since the sensor error is different, we know that the sensor itself is working fine. 

How to fix this error?

Here are five fixes you can try out.

Try being still

One of the reasons why the sensor might not be able to get a reading is because you’re actively moving during an exercise or sport. Trying being still for around 10 minutes to see if you get a reading. 

Remove the cuff

If you can’t get any readings even when the sensor is unobstructed, try removing the cuff from the device before wearing it again. Sometimes the cuff itself might move the sensor around causing it to miss readings. 

Make sure that the sensor is unobstructed

Next up, make sure that there’s nothing between the sensor and your skin. Loose clothing, accessories or just a loose wrist strap can all create a gap between the sensor and the skin causing the sensor to post the E5 error. 

Remove the batteries

Removing the batteries and inserting them again essentially soft resets the device and can help resolve any internal firmware issues that might be causing the error. This also helps clear the onboard cache which might’ve been corrupted from too many incorrect readings. 

Check connectivity

Last but not least, this is a bit of a far shot but check to see if you have proper connectivity on the device. Although Omron devices don’t exactly need internet connectivity to fetch readings, sometimes not having an active internet connection can cause problems.

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