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Parallel Space vs Parallel Space Lite

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Keeping multiple accounts on different social media apps is a common practice these days. However, most of the apps don’t allow users to log into multiple accounts at the same time. To solve this issue, LBE Tech launched Parallel Space, which boasts of over 100 million downloads on Play Store at the time of writing. Parallel Space is one of the most famous cloning apps in the market, giving tough competition to the likes of Dual app by Xiaomi.

Going with the trend, LBE Tech later released a Lite version of the app. Here we compare the two apps on the following five parameters.

App Size

Parallel Space vs Parallel Space Lite: Which one should you use?
0.3 MB: The difference between the storage space required by the main and Lite Parallel Space apps

While all the other lite apps present in the market are relatively smaller in size, the lite version of Parallel Space is the same size as the main app. Both apps have a file size of 8.9 MB at the time of installation. On some phones, the lite app exceeded the main app in the size department. Once installed on the phone, the main app acquires 26.08 MB while the lite version also comes in close at 25.78 MB. The lite version is just 0.3 MB lighter than the main app.

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Battery and Storage Usage

Continuing the fashion of being the bigger one even when it is the lite version, Parallel Space Lite in some phones was draining more battery and consuming more memory than the main app. If not more, it was equal to the main app. I used Facebook on the main app and Instagram on the Lite app equally, the Lite consumed more battery than the main app in daily usage.

User Interface

Parallel Space vs Parallel Space Lite: Which one should you use?
Identical UI, except incognito installation and private browsing features are missing on the Parallel Space Lite app

The UI of both these apps can only be differentiated by two things

  • The name of the app on the top.
  • The presence of the Incognito Installation and Private Browsing option in the main app.

There is no other difference in the UI of both the app with identical themes, icons, and features as you can see in the image above.

Incognito Installation

One of the two features that the Parallel Space lite app misses is Incognito Installation for cloned apps. One can only clone apps that are installed on the phone of the person, and they need to remain installed if one wants to use the cloned app.

With the incognito installation feature, you can uninstall the app after cloning it in Parallel Space. One can use this feature from the Add app icon in the main app to clone apps and add them in Parallel Space.

Private Browsing Option

The Parallel Space app comes with a built-in incognito browser that can be directly accessed from the home screen. This feature remains absent from the lite app.

Which one should you use?

With both the apps being almost similar, you can use both of them but prefer the main app as it provides more features. The only thing you need to be worried about is the number of permissions both apps ask for. Both the apps require permissions for almost everything, even if it is not needed. For example, the cloned app asks permission to access body sensors or calendar. With the increasing number of data breaches, you need to very careful while using apps like these as they can be a gateway for hackers to your personal data.

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