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Does PayPal charge a fee? Every PayPal fees you need to know in USA

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Founded in 1998, PayPal is one of the oldest and most popular online payment systems available in over 200 markets worldwide with an active userbase of over 277 million who transact in more than 100 currencies. PayPal Holdings Inc also includes Venmo, Braintree and Xoom.

While Paypal doesn’t charge a transaction fee if you’re buying stuff from online merchants or in brick and mortar stores, it does, however, charge a fee for commercial payments if you’re a seller, sending money to someone or if you’re transferring the balance to personal bank accounts, during currency conversion. Below we’ve talked about all the kinds of fees that Paypal charges its users in USA.

PayPal balance transfer charges

Paypal allows users to transfer their balance to a linked bank account and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard) in the following two ways.

  • Standard (Free): If you’re using the standard transfer on Paypal, the amount will be credited to your bank account on the next business day, and you won’t be charged any fee.
  • Instant (Paid): If you want to transfer funds from your Paypal account to your linked bank account or debit card within a few minutes, you can use the Instant transfer option, which will cost your 1% of the transferred amount, up to a maximum fee of $10.

The withdrawal limits for debit cards and bank account when using Instant transfer on Paypal is mentioned below.

  • $25000 per transaction (bank account)
  • $5000 per transaction (debit cards)
  • $5000 per day and week (debit cards)
  • $15000 per month (debit cards)

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PayPal sending charges

Sending charges in USA

Paypal doesn’t charge any fees if you’re sending money to another Paypal user in USA and your account is funded by Paypal Cash, Paypal Cash Plus or a linked bank account.

However, if your Paypal account is funded by credit/debit card or Paypal Credit, you’ll incur a 2.9% pay 2.9% of the transaction amount as a fee, and the fixed sending charges (refer to the fixed fees under Sending charges (other currencies) below).

Sending charges (other countries)

If you’re sending money to someone whose PayPal account is not in USA, following is the fee you’ll pay depending on the payment method.

  • If you’ve already credited your Paypal account balance from a linked bank account, then you’ll only incur a transaction fee of 5% — set at a minimum of US$0.99 and a maximum of US$4.99.
  • If your account is funded by Paypal credit or a debit and credit card, the transaction fee will remain the same as above. In addition, you’ll also pay 2.9% of the transaction amount as a fee, and the fixed sending charges (refer to the fixed fees below).

Sending charges (other currencies)

Following are a list of the fixed fee that Paypal charges if you’re sending money to someone in currency other than USD. The charges mentioned will be incurred in the respective currencies, not USD.

  • Australian Dollar: 0.30
  • Brazilian Real: 0.60
  • Canadian Dollar: 0.30
  • Czech Koruna: 10
  • Danish Krone: 2.60
  • Euro: 0.35
  • Hong Kong Dollar: 2.35
  • Hungarian Forint: 90
  • Israeli Shekel: 1.20
  • Japanese Yen: 40
  • Malaysian Ringgit: 2
  • Mexican Peso: 4
  • New Zealand Dollar: 0.45
  • Norwegian Krone: 2.80
  • Philippine Peso: 15
  • Polish Zloty: 1.35
  • Russian Ruble: 10
  • Singapore Dollar: 0.50
  • Swedish Krona: 3.25
  • Swiss Franc: 0.55
  • Taiwan New Dollar: 10
  • Thai Baht: 11
  • UK Pounds Sterling: 0.20
  • US Dollar: 0.30

PayPal selling charges 

If you have a merchant (or seller) account on Paypal, you’ll be charged 2.9% of the transaction amount and $0.30 per sale within USA. If you’re making an international sale, Paypal charges a fee of 4.4% of the transaction amount plus the fixed fee (as mentioned above).

Eligible charities get a discounted fee rate of 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction. PayPal Here card reader users would incur a 2.7% fee when a card is swiped or 3.5% plus $0.15 if the details were entered manually.

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