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Why is my PhonePe money transfer pending?

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Mobile payment apps like PhonePe, Paytm and GooglePay have completely changed how people manage their financial transactions. PhonePe has become one of India’s most favoured and convenient payment apps. Its user-friendly interface and smooth operations have earned the trust of millions who use PhonePe for effortless money transfers and other transactions. However, even with its efficiency, users may sometimes experience delays in money transfers, leaving them wondering why their transactions are pending.

In this article, we have discussed why the PhonePe money transfer status is pending and what to do if your transaction shows pending status.

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What does pending status mean?

If you see a pending status on your transaction, it indicates that the transaction is currently stuck due to technical issues either on your bank’s side or the receiver’s bank side.

The final status of your pending payment can vary, and it depends entirely on the bank. It may take five days to 48 hours for the bank to update the status.

Why is the PhonePe money transfer status pending?

The PhonePe money transfer status can be pending for many reasons, some of which can be.

  • Technical Glitches: Like any other digital platform, PhonePe relies on a complex network of servers, databases, and software. Sometimes, unexpected technical issues may arise, leading to delays in processing transactions.
  • Poor Internet connectivity: Slow or unstable internet connectivity is another common factor causing money transfer delays. For PhonePe to process transactions swiftly, it requires a stable internet connection. It can result in a pending transaction until the connection stabilizes.
  • Bank Server Delays: PhonePe is an intermediary between users and their respective banks. When a user initiates a money transfer, PhonePe communicates with the involved banks to facilitate the transaction. In some cases, delays may occur due to issues with the banks’ servers, which can temporarily hold up the transfer process.

Why is the bill payment showing pending status?

Normally, bill payments on PhonePe happen instantly. However, in some cases, they might take longer than usual. This delay occurs when PhonePe is waiting for confirmation from the service provider. If this happens, it might take a few hours. You can check the History section on your PhonePe app later for the final status of the payment.

If the pending bill payment fails, the money you paid will be refunded to you. If you used UPI for the payment, you’ll get the refund within three to five days. The refund will take seven to nine days for debit or credit card payments, while wallet and gift card payments will be refunded within 24 hours.

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What to do if UPI payment is pending?

If your UPI payment is pending, you’ll have to wait 48 hours for your bank to update the final status of the payment. After this period, the bank may update the status as successful or failed. If it’s successful, the payment amount will be deposited into the receiver’s account. If it’s marked as failed, the payment amount will be refunded to your account within three to five days from the payment date.

PhonePe will inform you about the status of your pending payment as soon as the bank updates it. Alternatively, you can check the status in the History section of your PhonePe app.

If the payment status is pending even after 48 hours, you can ask PhonePe to escalate the issue. To do that, follow the steps below.

  • Open the PhonePe app and tap the Help icon at the screen’s top right corner.
  • Under the Transaction Related section, tap on Have an issue with a transaction? option.
  • On the next page, tap on Issues with pending payments.
  • Then, tap on What if my payment is pending for more than 48 hours? option.
  • Tap the Select a payment button to take you to the Transaction History screen.
  • Select the payment you are having a problem with.

How to cancel my pending payment?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel a pending payment. Once you initiate UPI payments, you cannot cancel them because they are direct transfers between banks. Please wait 48 hours from the payment time to determine if it was successful or unsuccessful.

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