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Pinterest brings affiliate and brand partnership opportunities for Creators

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Pinterest introduces monetisation opportunities for Creators

Pinterest is rolling out new ways for creators to make money, including shoppable Idea Pins that can be used to earn commissions through affiliate links. Moreover, creators can also partner with brands to create sponsored content on the platform.

The multi-page video format, Idea Pins, is currently available to all creators in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, and USA. However, not all of them will have access to all the monetisation tools.

The Idea Pins product tagging feature that offers millions of Product Pins to tag products is currently only rolling out to creators in UK and USA.

The brand partnership tool is rolling out in beta to selected creators in Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru, USA, UK,

The product pins are supported by Pinterest’s partnership with Shopify, which includes pins uploaded by retailers as well as those saved by Pinners.

The new monetisation tools for creators can be leveraged by either earning commissions on affiliate links for products or branded partnerships with companies willing to pay to be included in a creator’s Idea Pins.

Creators can disclose their relationship with any brand by adding a “paid partnerships” label to their Idea Pins. The label is visible once the brand approves the tag.

Pinterest brings affiliate and brand partnership opportunities for Creators
Example of Branded Paid Partnerships on Pinterest

‘With this latest update, we’re empowering Creators to reach millions of shoppers on the platform and monetise their work. Creators deserve to be rewarded for the inspiration they deliver to their followers and the sales they drive for brands,” said Aya Kanai, Head of Content and Creator Partnerships., Pinterest.

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