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Crypto robberies, Netflix live streaming, Pixel 6a to India and more

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A 21-year old crypto robber in London got sentenced to five years in jail for pulling off three crypto robberies and threatening victims with lethal action. A mass shooting happened in Buffalo last Saturday where the shooter attempted to stream the entire shooting on Twitch using a GoPro Hero 7.

Netflix is reportedly trying to build a live streaming platform with plans to roll out unscripted series and stand-up specials. A recent security update from Windows has fixed the actively exploited NTLM Relay Attack.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could be using Sapphire glass and thicker bezels. And Google is finally bringing another Pixel device to India, the Pixel 6A, after nearly two years.

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Crypto robber gets five years in Jail

  • 21-year old Karim Hassan has been sentenced to five years in jail after robbing at least £32,500 in total from three different robberies by The Crown Court at Southwark in London.
  • Hassan used Snapchat to contact crypto holders anonymously and would offer to exchange their crypto for cash in person.
  • The customers would be asked to meet in Hassan’s Audi A6, where he would ask them to hand over their phones and digital wallets. Any hesitation in compliance would escalate into threats, including violence and sexual assault.
  • The three robberies were in crypto assets worth £20,000, £10,000 and £2500, respectively.
  • Hassan was caught after one of the victims noted his car’s registration number and reported him to the police. The police spotted him driving a few days later and arrested him, after which he was positively ID’d by another one of his victims.
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H/t: BleepingComputer

Buffalo Gunman attempts to stream mass shooting on Twitch

  • Ten people were killed, and three were left injured in a mass shooting in Buffalo. The shooter, an 18-year old male, attempted to stream the entire event on Twitch using a GoPro Hero 7 Black.
  • Twitch reported taking down the shooter’s channel within two minutes of the stream’s start.
  • Recordings of the Twitch stream before it was taken down are now being circulated on social media. New York Times reporter Ryan Mac saw a version of the recording on Facebook that had amassed over 43,000 interactions.
  • Another Twitter user reported having seen a Facebook post of the video with over 1.8 million views.
  • Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz reported seeing TikTok videos that shared accounts and search terms for Twitter users to find the video.
H/t: The New York Times

Netflix is working on a live streaming service

  • Netflix has confirmed that a live streaming service is under development, and it has several unscripted shows and stand-up specials it plans to live stream.
  • The move puts Netflix closer to its TV rivals, and the ability to live-stream would mean the service can stream unscripted shrows, further bringing it closer to linear networks.
  • Live voting for competition series and talent competitions, as well as the return of the Netflix, Is A Joke festival, could all be viable possibilities now.
  • Currently, there’s no timeline as to when the feature will launch.
H/t: Deadline

Microsoft fixes the PetitPotam Windows attack vector

  • Microsoft has released a security update for the actively exploited NTLM Relay Attack, also known as PetitPotam.
  • The vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2022-26925 and was discovered by French security researcher Gilles Lionel in July.
  • These attacks let an attacker force devices, including domain controllers, to authenticate malicious servers, which can then impersonate the device and gain all the same privileges.
  • Microsoft has stated that it has only fixed the EFS API OpenEncryptedFileRaw function, which means there might yet be another unpacked vector for the flaw.
H/t: BleepingComputer

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may come with sapphire glass

  • According to the tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will come with sapphire glass and a titanium build, putting it on par with the Apple watch, at least in terms of build quality. 
  • Ice Universe also claimed in another tweet that Samsung’s upcoming wearable might not be particularly thin, hinting at a rotating bezel as we’ve seen on Samsung smartwatches for quite some time now. 
  • The upside of using sapphire glass and titanium in the watch is decent build quality and the watch being less prone to scratches and cracks. 
  • The downside here is that it’ll immensely add to the watch’s price. In addition, the chip shortage and current inflation will also make the wearable more expensive. 
H/t: 9To5Google

Google is finally returning the Pixel series to India

  • Two years after the launch of the Pixel 4a, the Pixel series is coming to India again with the Pixel 6a. 
  • A tweet from Google India vaguely confirmed the phone’s presence in the Indian market, saying it’s “coming soon”. No official launch date has been announced yet. 
  • The Pixel Buds Pro, which were announced alongside the Pixel 6a and several other hardware products at this year’s Google I/O, will also be available in the Indian market. 
  • A tipster has tweeted that the launch will coincide with the US by July end. However, Google’s previous launches suggest a launch in October is more likely. 
H/t: AndroidPolice

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