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How to fix ‘Playstation 4 error code SU-30625-6’?

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Sony PS4 is one of the best consoles to come from Sony’s camp. Ever since its launch in November 2013, Sony has constantly provided updates to the console to further enhance the user experience. 

However, just like everything tech, there are a bunch of things that can go wrong. In the PS4 update 7.00, a lot of users experienced an error code going by the name of SU-30625-6.

In this article, we’re talking about what causes this error, and how you can resolve it so you can get your console back online.

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What causes the Ps4 SU-30625-6 error?

Aforementioned, the error is caused when your console has trouble processing the PS4 update 7.00. Luckily enough, the solution is rather simple.

Basically, all the solutions revolve around updating your PS4 to the next update, or factory resetting it to run on the old one.

How to fix the PS4 SU-30625-6 error?

There are two main solutions to this issue.

  • Factory resetting or Initialising your console
  • Updating the system software either using the internet or manually.

Factory reset your PS4

If your priority is to get your console up ad running first, try factory resetting it first. You can either do this thought the PS4 interface or in case you can’t boot the console, through the safe mode. 

We’ve already covered how to factory reset your PS4 using the system interface in a previous article. 

Initialise PS4

If you can’t access the interface, boot into the Safe Mode and then select the Initialise PS4(Reinstall System Software) option. This option reinstalls the software on your PS4 entirely from scratch, making sure any issues you might be facing are resolved before your PS4 boots again.

How to fix 'Playstation 4 error code SU-30625-6'?

You can check out this detailed guide to know more about getting in(and out) of the safe mode.

Update your PS4’s software

Note that there are numerous ways to update the software on your console. Depending upon whether or not you can access the console interface you can try either method.

If you can actually access the interface, we recommend doing the update that way as manually updating your console requires making sure you’ve got the right update file and placing it the right way on the installation media which can be either USB or a CD.

If the error isn’t letting you access the interface, boot into Safe Mode and update the console using the Update System Softare option. You’ll have the option to update your software using either

  • The internet.
  • Local installation media.

Read our detailed guide on how you can update your PS4 here.

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