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Why is PS4 light white instead of blue?

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A PS4 comes with a light bar that blinks orange while charging, similarly even a PS4 console has a light strip that turns into specific colours to indicate certain signs. Both PS4 and PS5 consoles have status indicator lights that can tell you clearly if there is something wrong with the console. A change in the spectrum, from one colour to another can also have a different meaning.

In this article, we will be discussing why your PS4 console’s indicator light is appearing white instead of blue as well as the meaning behind colour transitions.

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Meaning behind colours

Whether your PS4 console is currently pulsing white, blue, turning blue, or blinking blue, we have clarified the meaning behind the colours on your console’s indicator lights:

  • White light: This steady light indicates that the console has just powered on and is working normally.
  • Starts as blue and then turns white: The console is currently powered on from either rest mode or power-off mode. You will be able to view the PlayStation logo on the screen.
  • Blinking white then the light disappears: The console is in the process of powering off, it will not be able to charge controllers or download updates.
  • Persistently blinking white or blue light, or steady blue light: If the console is repeatedly blinking white or the blue light is not transitioning into white light then it means that your console is frozen and will require troubleshooting.

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Blinking white/blue lights: Fix

If your PS4 console is blinking white or blue light, or if it has not turned white from blue after powering on then you can simply unplug the console for 60 seconds and plug it back. Switch on the console to observe if the lights are still blinking white or blue and if the issue has not been resolved then follow the fix given below:

Update in Safe Mode

A Safe Mode in Playstation keeps your basic functions active. This mode helps you solve various issues like updating software, changing the resolution, hard resetting to factory settings or rebuilding the database. Hence, this mode can cause data loss and you should maintain a backup on a USB drive or cloud storage before going into safe mode.

To open your console in safe mode, follow the steps given below:

  • Hold the power button for three seconds more or less and the indicator light will blink before powering off.
  • Press the power button again and after two beeps or seven seconds let go of the button.
  • Connect your PS4 controller to the console and press the PS button.
  • From the given options, select the Update System Software.

After the updates have been downloaded by your console, you will be directed out of safe mode and your system software will be updated. In case you are unable to enter safe mode, you can manually update the system software by downloading it to your PlayStation console or to a USB drive. 

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