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How to quote messages in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned messaging platform with one of the largest user base among other messaging apps which dwarfs the likes of Telegram, Signal, and other alternatives.

In this article, we discuss how you can quote a message in a private as well as group conversations on WhatsApp.

Quote message in WhatsApp (private conversation)

Here are the steps to quote a message in a one-on-one conversation. 

  • Open a private conversation on Whatsapp.
  • Now, right swipe on a particular message. This message will now appear on a new message box at the bottom.
  • Type your new message which is now a response to the quoted message that you have selected above.
  • Now tap on the arrow button to send this quoted message to the receiver. The receiver will see the quoted message at the top followed by your response message at the bottom.

You can quote the receiver’s as well as your own message by using this technique.

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Quote message in WhatsApp (group conversation)

When you are quoting someone on the group, follow the instructions given below.

  • Start or join a group conversation on WhatsApp.
  • Just like you did on the previous heading, swipe the message right.
  • Type in your new message.
  • Tap Send.

You can use a similar technique to quote images, documents and other media that you send or receive on WhatsApp.

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Remove a quoted message

If you have quoted by mistake, then tap on the cross button at the top right of the message to cancel it. In case, you have sent the quoted text, then long-press on the message and then tap on the Dustbin icon at the top shelf to delete the message.

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