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How to report a seller on Amazon?

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Amazon harbours hordes of sellers amassing a giant pool of products. As it comes with any e-commerce platform, filtering and flagging fraudulent claims, products and sellers is absolutely essential.

Reporting a seller violation entails smooth functioning of all the facets. Regulating the content on the website becomes much easier with the collective effort of both customers and sellers.

When customers receive a blemished product, it doesn’t only hamper the integrity of Amazon Seller Rules but also lowers the product line’s sales rank entirely.

To reduce the presence of manipulated information and provide a complete, hassle-free experience, reporting misleading content or products can help improve the overall ecosystem.

However, Amazon doesn’t make it easy at all for buyers to report sellers on the platform. While you can leave a review on the product page or seller feedback, there really is no direct way for buyers to report a violation on sellers. If you’re a seller too and feel that another one is in violation of Amazon’s guidelines or infringes on your trademarks or copyrights, go through the brief guide below.

This article walks you through reporting a seller on Amazon, both as a buyer and seller.

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Can a Amazon seller report a violation?

Amazon sellers also have the right to raise concerns regarding other services. Owners accept unsolicited, fake orders, or even place their own products to inflate their sales rank.

Claiming to have a best-seller tag in the product description is also considered as fraudulent. Sellers can take note of this and inhibit malpractices like compensating buyers for purchasing a product.

Amazon’s ‘Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions‘ section lists the sellers’ guidelines to maintain streamlined and legitimate business opportunities for everybody. You can also click on this link to get redirected to Amazon’s report form for sellers.

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How to report a seller on Amazon using its website?

Any seller violation can be brought to Amazon’s notice if the customer sees it fit. Follow the steps below to report a seller regarding a violation.

Step 1: Click on the three stacked lines menu icon on the top left-hand corner of the homepage.

How to report a seller on Amazon? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Scroll down and under Help & Settings, select Customer Service.

How to report a seller on Amazon? | Candid.Technology

Step 3: After being taken to a new window, go to the bottom of the page. Choose Customer Service under Browser Help Topics, Click on the Contact Us option.

How to report a seller on Amazon? | Candid.Technology

Step 4: You’ll be asked to fill in your login credentials, enter them to proceed. If not prompted, skip Step 5.

How to report a seller on Amazon? | Candid.Technology

Step 5: Confirm the notification sent to your registered mobile number to approve the login.

How to report a seller on Amazon? | Candid.Technology

You’ll be kept in the window until the process is complete from your device

Step 6: Upon approval, you’ll be taken to a new window where you’ll be asked to place your query over chat or call, it is recommended to state the complete nature of the violation.

Mentioning the ASIN/ISBN of the item’s detail page, the store and business name, order ID, and a brief yet clear explanation of the violation helps Amazon track a seller’s authenticity better.

While this doesn’t seem like the best way to go about reporting a seller on Amazon, this surely seems to be your only way. You can alternatively also check out this Contact Us form link by Amazon and see if you get lucky and find a report seller link; because we sure did not even though Amazon says it’s right there.

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How to report a seller using the Amazon app?

To report a seller from the Amazon app, follow the steps below.

How to report a seller on Amazon? | Candid.Technology
  • When in the app, tap on the three stacked lines on top left-hand corner.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list, select Customer Service.
  • Under Need More Help?, tap on Contact Us,
  • Now you can put your complaint in a text or call format like on the website.
How to report a seller on Amazon? | Candid.Technology

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