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How to reset preferences in Photoshop?

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How to reset preferences in Photoshop? | Candid.Technology

Photoshop is, by far, the most commonly used image editing or manipulation tool out there. The software, by design, is meant to be tinkered — the more you dig, the more features you’ll find. There’s a tool for pretty much everything in Photoshop hidden under its numerous menus, 

However, as you tinker more and dig deep inside, messing up a setting can be a bit of a problem, For instance, you may or may not be able to revert said changes and you might just have to reset all your preferences.

Resetting preferences can also help you solve any problems that you might be facing with Photoshop. If your copy of Photoshop is behaving weirdly, chances are you have a corrupted preferences file. It’s the digital equivalent of rebooting your device.

Here’s how to reset the settings or preferences in Photoshop on PC and smartphone app.

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How to reset Photoshop preferences on PC?

Open Photoshop on your PC and follow the steps mentioned below to reset Photoshop’s preferences.

Step 1: Go to Edit and scroll down to find Preferences; select it and then click on General.

How to reset preferences in Photoshop? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: With the preferences dialogue box open. click on the Reset preferences on Quit option. 

How to reset preferences in Photoshop? | Candid.Technology

A confirmation box will ask you to confirm the decision. Click on the Ok button to reset your Photoshop preferences.

How to reset preferences in Photoshop? | Candid.Technology

The next time you launch Photoshop, all the preferences would be reset.

Another quick way of resetting your preferences is to simply hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift as you launch Photoshop the way you would. This would reset all preferences on start. 

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How to reset Photoshop app’s preferences?

While there isn’t a lot of preferences to reset on Photoshop’s app, it still gives you an option to reset the tooltips.

Just tap on the hamburger icon in the top left, select Preferences and then tap on reset tooltips at the bottom of the next page.

How to reset preferences in Photoshop? | Candid.Technology

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