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Why is my Roku overheating?

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Many users of Roku are facing an issue with the Roku devices; they are getting a warning on the screen that the device is overheating, and some Roku devices have a white light on the front panel that light turns red and does not even flash when the device gets too hot.

In this article, we have discussed the causes of Roku overheating warnings and five ways to help you fix the issue.

What are the causes of Roku overheating?

Here are a few possible causes of Roku overheating:

  • The Roku device is placed in a closed space.
  • The Roku device needs cleaning.
  • The Roku is on for a long time.

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How to fix the Roku overheating issue?

We have mentioned five ways that might help you fix the Roku overheating issue:

Let the Roku device cool down

If you get a warning that your Roku is overheating then you must immediately turn off your Roku device and unplug the power cord and then disconnect it from the TV. Wait for at least 10 minutes and let it get back to room temperature. This fix will not resolve the long-time overheating issues but it will surely prevent any damage that might be caused because of overheating.

Shift your Roku device to a well-ventilated place

One of the main reasons for your Roku device overheating is that it is placed in a closed space or in a place which is not well-ventilated. Find a place which is well-ventilated in your home and move your Roku device to that place. Avoid keeping your Roku device in enclosed spaces like cabinets and don’t put it in a place where the sunlight comes directly on the device at any time of the day.

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Keep your Roku device away from the TV and other devices

All the devices when used get warm, like when you are watching TV it will also produce some heat and if your Roku device is placed near the TV then it will affect the temperature of your Roku device too. Avoid placing your Roku on devices that also get hot.

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If you use a Roku Streaming Stick that plugs directly into the TV then you can use HDMI extenders to keep it away from the TV.

Turn off your Roku device after use

Keeping your Roku device always-on will eventually cause this problem to occur, Roku devices go to sleep when not in use but if you are keeping it on for a whole day then the continuous supply of electricity will heat up the device. So to avoid overheating you must turn off the device when not in use.

Clean the Roku device

The accumulated dust particles put a lot of burden on the electronic devices, and regularly cleaning your electronic devices prevent them from overheating and let them work properly. So if you think it’s been a long time since you cleaned your Roku device then you should clean it.

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