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3 Best Ways to Record Screen Activity on Windows 10

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One of the valuable skills for many professional users now is the ability to record screen activity on the Windows operating system. This skill is necessary for those who want to tell and show how to use any software or applications, give instructions on a specific topic, show a sequence of actions, or make a presentation of a digital product. 

Windows 10 users have several ways how they can make a screen recording with just a couple of clicks. Many users resort to using third-party tools to screen record on Windows 10, which offer basic settings as well as many advanced ones in the form of recording audio from various sources, recording webcams, and much more. 

There are also default apps that don’t need to be downloaded or purchased, just turn on and start capturing screen activity. 

The best ways you can screen record with audio 

Try default program 

If you don’t want to use a third-party recorder, try using the program that is preinstalled in your OS. You have the Xbox Game Bar, which is used by many gamers around the world.

After launching the program, you will see several small windows where you can make the settings you need – like you can select audio, whether it be system sounds on the PC or additional speakers. 

Third-party software and applications 

You can try a beginner-friendly tool for screen recordings if you have no experience with professional programs. Software such as Movavi Screen Recorder or Screencastify offers beginners detailed tutorials. 

Such tools offer more functionality than the default program. You can choose whether you want the show cursor on the recording, style it, or record only part of the screen. Moreover, they offer more formats and share options. By upgrading your operating system, you can find even more recording apps for Windows 11

Online tools 

Another good way is to use online tools which can record browser activity. Record clips from the webcam and add them to your video projects. Among such online tools, some work on all operating systems, and some work exclusively on Mac or Windows. 


Once you decide to record your screen or browser activity, there are three surefire ways to do so. Use the default Xbox Game Bar or third-party software with more features. If there is no free space for software, then you can use online tools. 

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