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How to set a reminder in Slack for self, someone else and a channel?

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Reminders are an essential tool — be it your personal device or professional team-collaboration tool like Slack. On Slack, you can set reminders not only for yourself but also for other team members in your workplace as well as an entire channel.

Continuing with our ongoing series about Slack to help you get things done on the cloud-based team collaboration tool, in this article we’re going to explain how to set reminders in Slack and how to find the complete list of all upcoming reminders too.

How to set a reminder in Slack for yourself?

Follow the steps mentioned below to set a reminder for yourself on Slack for PC.

Step 1: On any chat window — direct message to self or someone else or in a channel — click on the lightning bolt (Shorcuts) icon at the extreme left of the chatbox. From the menu list, click on Set myself a reminder.How to set a reminder in Slack for self, someone else and a channel? Step 2: On the Create a reminder pop-up box, select the date for the reminder under When, then select the time for the reminder under Time and lastly what the reminder is in the box under Description. Once all these details are accurately entered, click on the Create button.

Once you’ve created the reminder, the Slackbot will confirm the same in your own chat window with a message that also carries two options, Delete and View reminders. You can use these options to either remove the reminder you’ve just set or view the entire list of reminders that you’ve set in your Slack Workplace.

You can also set a reminder for yourself using the command mentioned in the guide below to set a reminder for others members or channels in your Slack Workplace.

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How to find the list of all reminders in Slack?

If you want to access the list of reminders at any time in the future, type the command /remind list in your chatbox.

All the upcoming reminders — including those you set for yourself as well as for someone else or a channel in your Slack Workplace — will be presented to you there in a list. You can either Delete those reminders or mark them as Complete. You can also view the list of reminders that you marked complete by selecting the View completed reminders option.

How to set a reminder in Slack for someone else or a channel?

Slack has several commands, and one of them is /remind, which can be used to set a reminder for someone else as well as for an entire channel in your Slack Workplace. To set a reminder for someone else or a channel in Slack, open Slack on your PC, Android or iOS app, and follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: On any chatbox — your own, a direct message with someone else or channel — type /remind [@person’s name or #channel name] [Description of the Reminder] and then press Enter on your keyboard.Step 2: Now enter the time for the reminder from the following options that you’ll find the list — 20 minutes, In 1 hour, In 3 hours, Tomorrow, Next Week or Repeating. Then click on the Set reminder button. As is the case when setting reminders for self, the Slackbot will confirm that the reminder has been created and will present you with the same two options, Delete and View Reminders.  Note that reminders can not be set for private channels on Slack.

You can also use this method to set a reminder for yourself, on Slack for PC as well as Slack’s Android and iOS app. Simple write your name after @ in the first box of the command. As mentioned above, these commands also work on Slack app for Android and iOS.

Setting a reminder on Slack app

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