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What is SKMS agent service? 

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Many Samsung users have noticed a strange application called SKMS agent service on their app list or settings menu.

People have no idea what this app is all about and wonder what this app does, whether it is safe, and why it is present on their phones. Fortunately, we are here to answer all these questions in detail.

What is the SKMS agent service?

SKMS is an acronym for Samsung Key Management System.

It is designed to manage all the security apparatus on your Samsung phone. For example, the SKMS agent service manages encryption, authentication and digital signatures.

SKMS agent service app communicates with the SKMS server and forwards SKMS commands to the embedded secure element (eSE) on your Samsung device.

The eSE is a chip that stores sensitive data and performs secure transactions, such as NFC payments. SKMS agent service enables you to use eSE-based mobile NFC services, such as Samsung Pay, which allows you to make contactless payments with your phone.

Furthermore, the SKMS agent service also ensures that your eSE is updated with the latest security patches and firmware.

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Is SKMS agent service a virus?

What is Punkbuster? Can it be uninstalled?

No, the SMKS agent service is a legitimate app on Samsung devices that allows users to perform secure transactions from their Samsung mobile phones.

The app is not a virus and is important for the proper functioning of your device.

In conclusion, the SKMS agent service is an important service on your Samsung mobile devices that you must not uninstall or tamper with in any capacity. This service plays a major role in protecting your online transactions. Uninstalling this service could expose your mobile device to the internet and your transactions may not remain safe.

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Can you uninstall the SKMS agent service?

SKMS agent service comes pre-installed on your Samsung phone. It is one of the most important system apps on your device, and tampering with it could result in your device being out of order.

It runs in the background, and you cannot uninstall or disable the SKMS agent service without rooting your phone.

Furthermore, tampering or uninstalling the app will affect your device’s security and warranty.

You don’t have to worry about the app taking up RAM or consuming battery. The app is extremely light and doesn’t consume much battery. Also, the RAM consumption is much lower.

The app is safe and private as it does not collect your data or share it online.

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