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Skyrim enginefixes.dll error: Quick Fix

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One of the reasons why PC gaming is so popular is because of the endless modding possibilities that the community around a game provides. Skyrim is the perfect example of a community-driven game that has seen steady support despite launching a decade ago in November 2011. 

However, as fun and creative as the game might get, it’s not perfect and modding can bring hassles of its own. In this article, we’re talking about Skyrim enginefixes.dll errors, their causes and what you can do to fix the problem.

What causes the enginefixes.dll error?

The error can actually be triggered by a number of reasons. Some of the more popular causes include:

  • Corrupt or missing game files. 
  • Outdated game version.
  • Incorrect mod installation. 

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How to fix this error?

Here are eight fixes you can try out. 

Run the game as an administrator

Starting a program or game as an administrator tells your PC to prioritise that particular process over everything else and dedicate as many resources as possible to ensure smooth operation. 

You can check out our detailed guide on how to run programs as administrator here

Update Skyrim

Another rather simple fix can just be updating Skyrim to the latest version available. More often than not, developers will catch a bug and release a patch addressing the issue. Check to see if there are any available updates for Skyrim and if there are, install them right away. 

Disable mods

A rather easy way of resolving the error is to just disable mods manually in the game’s scripts file. All you have to do is head over to the game’s root folder and edit the plugins.txt file to include an * in front of the mod files. Then save it and rerun the game. 

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Installing SKSE properly

SKSE or Skyrim Script Editor is a program that is used to install mods for Skyrim. If the program is incorrectly installed in the wrong place or has any of its modules missing, you’ll not be able to run and will see the SkyUI error code 1. The simplest fix for this is to uninstall SKSE and install it again in the right location with all the files. 

There are two ways you can install SKSE

  • Manual installation 
  • Using a Mod manager

Manual installation 

For manual installation, first, download SKSE from the official website here and extract the archive in a place you can find easily. Once done, follow these steps to manually integrate SKSE with the game. 

Step 1: Inside the archive folder, you’ll find three files namely skse64_1_5_3.dllskse64_loader.exe and skse64_steam_loader.dll. Copy these three files and move them over to the SSE folder in your Steam library usually located at the path given below. 

X:/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim Special Edition

in the aforementioned path denotes the drive your Steam library uses. 

Step 2: Next up, head over to the Scripts folder inside the archive, copy all the .PEX files and move them to the following path. 

X:/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim Special Edition/Data/scripts

Once again, in the aforementioned path denotes the drive your Steam library uses. Once you’ve copied all the files, use the skse64_loader.exe executable to launch the game. 

Using Mod manager

If you’re using a Mod manager, installation becomes slightly simpler. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the archive’s folder and navigate to the Scripts directory inside Data. Using WinRAR, 7zip or any other archival software turn this folder into an archive. 

Step 2: Install this archive using the Mod manager of your choice. The method works with Vortex, MO2 or WB. When you want to run the game use the skse64_loader.exe executable.

Verify Game Files

Corrupted game files can often lead to issues like this, not just in Skyrim but other games. Luckily, Steam has a built-in feature that verifies your game files and reinstalls any files that might be damaged. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Head over to your Steam Library, right-click on Skyrim and select Properties.

How to fix the 'VAC was unable to verify your game session' error?

Step 2: Head over to the Local Files tab.

How to fix the 'VAC was unable to verify your game session' error?

Step 3: Click on Verify integrity of local files… and let Steam do its thing. 

How to fix the 'VAC was unable to verify your game session' error?

Now try relaunching the game. 

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Repair Visual C++ Runtime

Repairing the Visual C++ Runtime library can fix any corrupt or damaged files triggering the Xinput1_4.dll is missing error.

Step 1: Press the Windows key + R to open the Run prompt. Type appwiz.cpl and hit enter.

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Step 2: Find the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime (2012 and onwards), select them and click the Change button. Follow along with the instructions to repair the library.

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Restart your computer and try running the program again. 

Update your PC 

Another thing you can do is to update your PC. Updating your PC will, in most cases, update your drivers and fix any issues in the process.

Check out this detailed guide to know how to update your PC here


If nothing works, your best bet is to delete the game from Steam and reinstall it from scratch. Ensure to overwrite your game save with the new installation, as corrupt saved files can also cause this issue. 

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