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Spotify symbols and icons explained

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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world. With a wide user base, the app needs to be a seamless experience with a user interface that can be easily navigated by just about everyone. 

Now, with the app becoming more and more complex and new content being added by the day, the number of icons dotting Spotify’s interface is also increasing. In this article, we’re going over all the commonly used Spotify icons you should know about to zip around the app.

For easy identification, we’ve divided the Spotify app’s icons into three main categories — currently playing, library, and home page. These icons are identical between the Spotify smartphone and PC/web apps.

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Currently playing song icons

You’ll see all the icons on the currently playing song screen.


A right-facing triangle represents the play button. This changes to two vertical bars when the music is paused.

Next and Previous

These buttons are shown as forward and back arrows. 


Shown by two crossing arrows.


Depicted by a circular arrow.


Shown as a circle with a plus sign inside.

Spotify Connect

Shown as a half-screen and remote. 


Shown as a box with an outgoing arrow. 

Your Library tab icons

Here are some icons you’ll see on the Your Library tab of the app.

Shown as a magnifying glass.

Create playlist

Shown as a plus icon.

Sort playlist

Shown as an up-and-down arrow. 

Bookmark playlists

Shown as a pin icon. 

Toggle grid view

Shown as four squares arranged in a larger square. 

Home Page icons

Here are some of the icons from the Spotify app’s home screen.

Recently Played

Shown with a clock having three dots in the top-left corner. 


In-app notifications are usually shown with a bell icon. 


Usually shown with a gear cog icon.

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Yadullah Abidi

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